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Stainless Steel Perimeter Pool Gutter Systems

Natare perimeter pool gutter recirculation systems are pre-engineered, self-contained overflow gutters constructed from stainless steel.

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Pool Gutters

Stainless Steel Perimeter Pool Gutter Systems

Natare perimeter pool gutter recirculation systems are pre-engineered, self-contained overflow gutters constructed from stainless steel. They reduce construction maintenance costs and provide a durable watertight distribution system that is ideal for competition or recreation environments.

Manufactured to be smooth and perfectly level around the pool perimeter, our proven state-of-the-art IntegrityTM Perimeter Gutter Series combine gutter and plumbing functions necessary for a clean and well-circulated pool.

All our gutter systems come standard with our custom fabricated GPM grating, a marine-grade polymer material that is extremely durable, slip-resistant, and low maintenance. Its unique design has permanently machined flow control slots that allow for a fast flow of water through the grating.

With a built-in trough, pressurized filtered water return and inlets, no additional piping or plumbing is required for water circulation. This allows continuous surface skimming which cannot be achieved with traditional skimmers or conventional swimming pool gutters.

Unlike conventional pool gutters, long-lasting stainless steel eliminates the need for constant tile or concrete maintenance and greatly reduces future repair costs by preventing leakage due to broken or buried pipes, ground movement, and settling.

IntegrityTM Perimeter Series Stainless Steel Pool Gutter Systems Options

Natare offers multiple profile configurations to meet your pool’s design needs. Since the early 1970s, Natare perimeter gutter systems have been the designer’s choice for precisely engineered, highly durable pool perimeter systems.

In addition to the configurations listed above, our perimeter gutter systems are customizable to meet your pool’s requirements. Special features include:

  • Rope hooks
  • Weirs
  • Integral grout tab
  • Integral deck drain
  • Air removal conduit
  • Jet wash fittings
  • Recessed steps in gutter face
  • Jig-mounted recessed steps
  • Membrane skirt
  • Depth markers
  • Logos
  • Black vinyl target markings
  • Handholds
  • Converted boxes
  • Collector boxes
  • Raised grating for step areas

We take the guesswork out of pool construction, providing a gutter that will serve your facility’s needs for years to come. Whether you require swimming pool gutters for competition, instruction, recreation, or a special environment, talk to Natare.

We will assist you in choosing the appropriate configuration based on your swimming pool or aquatic facility needs.


When you choose Natare perimeter pool gutter systems, you receive a variety of benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Efficient water return and distribution
  • Low pressure, high efficiency pool design
  • Guaranteed watertightness
  • Slip-resistant surfacing
  • Easy to install and eliminates the need for buried supply piping
  • Ideal for renovation or new construction
  • 25 year structural and performance warranty
  • Significantly lower operational and installation costs compared to concrete gutters
  • Available with automatic surge control weirs to eliminate the need for a costly external surge tank

Warranty Information

Natare perimeter pool gutter systems combine gutter and plumbing functions in a single profile to keep your pool well circulated. With its long-lasting stainless steel construction, your team will no longer have to worry about constant tile or concrete maintenance, water leaks, or high operational costs.

10 Year warranty for workmanship and performance 15 Year for structural integrity

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