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MicroFlo® Pool Filtration Systems

Make your water perfectly clean and clear with Natare’s MicroFlo® swimming pool filtration systems.

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Pool Filtration

MicroFlo® Pool Filtration Systems

Make your water perfectly clean and clear with Natare’s MicroFlo® swimming pool filtration systems.

Natare’s high-capacity, cost-effective commercial swimming pool filters are designed to meet the demands of any size project. Our engineering and design resources combined with our cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities provide a custom-built filter to meet your exact project needs.

Natare pool filters are ideal for competition pools, training and lap pools, water features, recreational pools, spas, and specialty pools.

Designed for Efficiency

The efficiency of a commercial pool filtration system relies not only on the physical characteristics and the media employed; it also depends on the proficiency of your designers and installers. Seemingly minor details like small deviations in pipe size and routing, equipment location and elevation during the construction process can diminish and limit the system’s capacity.

Natare MicroFlo pool filters are fabricated from low carbon 304L or 316L stainless steel, (or standard carbon steel) with corrosion-resistant internal assembly. Available in a variety of sizes and options, MicroFlo is designed for dependability with minimum maintenance and upkeep.

Vacuum Sand Filters

Natare’s MicroFlo vacuum sand filter offers the most economical, durable, and high-quality filtration available. The uniquely designed flow-diversion screen and simplified operating controls take the guesswork out of water filtration. These features allow easy access and a visual check during the filtration process.

The open stainless steel tank is available in compact and wet-well configurations. The wet-well portion of the filter contains the filter bed, and specially designed filter laterals attached to a stainless steel collection manifold, and a stainless steel backwash trough.

The compact filter includes the recirculation pump and all piping and valves required to control the filter system. With the compact filter, the entire pool’s mechanical system arrives prefabricated and ready for final connections.

MicroFlo Hi-Rate Horizontal Sand Filters

Natare’s exclusive MicroFlo Hi-Rate filter system offers flexible, efficient filtration for compact spaces. Small enough to fit through conventional doors, this filter “cell” can be used on its own or can easily expand to multiple-cell tank configurations.

The revolutionary design freedom of this modular system allows stainless steel cells to be arranged vertically or horizontally, and field installation is a breeze with pre-engineered, easily assembled face piping and component sections.


  • Pre-engineered for easy field installation
  • Multiple tank configurations to suit any size facility
  • Designed to fit in tight spaces
  • Eliminates corrosion and deterioration
  • Ideal renovation filter system
  • Design flexibility
  • Chemically inert interior
  • Flow rates up to 20 gpm/sq. ft.

Benefits of a Natare Pool Filtration System

Save Water

A Natare MicroFlo pool filter system can reduce your water consumption by up to 80%. Through carefully designed hydraulics and “air boost” backwash, thousands of cubic meters of water are no longer lost during each backwash cycle.

Save Money

Natare MicroFlo vacuum sand filters substantially reduce maintenance costs. Compared to the partial cleaning that occurs with typical pressure sand filters, MicroFlo provides complete backwash and cleaning of the filters. The filter cycle of a Natare MicroFlo is a minimum of 30 days, rather than the 3-5 day filter cycles of a typical pressure sand filter.

Save Time

Natare MicroFlo vacuum sand filters eliminate the need for separate hair and lint strainers, saving more than an hour of staff time per day. Additionally, Natare MicroFlo vacuum sand filters are delivered to your site complete with all required pumps, valves, controls, and media; reducing installation and construction time by more than 80%.

Pool Filtration Features

  • Cost effective; low maintenance and operating costs
  • Ideal for renovation or new construction
  • Optimal operational conditions with minimal water consumption
  • Open-top filter tanks for easy access
  • Precise control of filter flow rates
  • Extensively tested; approved by NSF International for flow rates up to 20 gpm/sq. ft.
  • Complete, ready to install filter plant
  • Guaranteed water clarity
  • Available in a variety of configurations to suit any facility

Warranty Information

MicroFlo® pool filtration system saves water, money, and time for all sizes of aquatic facilities. Perfect for renovation or new construction, MicroFlo is designed to meet the needs of your facility to ensure your pool water is perfectly clean and clear.

10 Year Workmanship 25 Year Structural

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