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Insulseal is intended for use as a protective coating over Monoglass Spray-On Insulation or Sonoglass Acoustic Treatment in residential and commercial construction.

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Insulseal Protective Coating

Insulseal is intended for use as a protective coating over Monoglass Spray-On Insulation or Sonoglass Acoustic Treatment in residential and commercial construction.

Insulseal helps prevent damage to sprayed insulation from personnel, machinery, birds and other sources. Insulseal provides a tough, flexible coating which encapsulates surface fibers and resists abrasion. It is spray applied using airless spray equipment and it can be used over wall or ceiling applications.


Insulseal is available in white, black and gray, and can be tinted to various colors or painted with latex paint following curing.

Composition & Materials:

Insulseal is a water soluble liquid copoly emulsion. It is non hazardous and is not regulated as a health or environmental hazard. It cleans up with soap and water while wet. The standard color is white for high light reflectance, but is also available in black and gray.

  • Tested to ASTM E-84;
  • Flame Spread Rating= 0 Smoke Development Rating = 0

Insulseal is to be applied using airless spray equipment. For recommended equipment refer to Insulseal Application Guide. Insulseal is applied to Monoglass or Sonoglass insulation that has been board tamped flat and over-sprayed with standard adhesive for a smoother application. Insulseal can be applied in varying coverage levels to achieve the amount of protection and surface coverage required. The spray application allows it to be spray applied to virtually any surface configuration to ensure complete coverage.


  • Insulseal is not to be applied at a coverage rate lower than 30 square feet per gallon.
  • Insulseal is to be applied as delivered: do not dilute.
  • The product should be applied to tamped insulation for a smoother finish.
  • Insulseal must not be applied until after insulation material is completely cured and dry through to substrate.
  • Insulseal must be kept from freezing. Insulseal cannot be applied when ambient and substrate temperatures are below 1°C / 34°F during the application and until the product is completely dry. Adequate dry heat and ventilation must be supplied at low temperatures. Keep container closed when not in use. Should separation occur after extended storage, stir until evenly mixed prior to use.


Insulseal shall be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s written instructions. Contact Monoglass Inc. for further details.

Availability & Cost:

Insulseal is available throughout the United States, Canada, and many countries worldwide. Contact Monoglass Inc. for the names of contractors and Monoglass Agents in your area.

Technical Assistance:

Please contact Monoglass Inc. or your Monoglass Agent for technical assistance, complete product literature and material safety data sheets on this product.

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