Mitsubishi Electric HVAC -Water-Source Heat Pumps (WY-Series) - Outdoor Unit


Modular heat pump systems that combine the efficiency of water source with VRF technology.

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Water-Source Heat Pumps (WY-Series) - Outdoor Unit

Modular heat pump systems that combine the efficiency of water source with VRF technology.

Geothermal Advantages

Because the water loop takes or rejects heat from the ground, which is relatively unaffected by outdoor ambient temperatures, these closed loop systems run more efficiently than air-source systems.

Higher Efficiency

Coupling the water-source units with a geothermal loop provides higher efficiencies due to the milder loop temperatures and the benefits of an INVERTER-driven compressor.

Indoor Installation

Because these units can be easily installed indoors, their operating performance is independent of outdoor ambient temperatures.

Extended Temperature Range

WY-Series systems can handle entering water temperatures down to 23° F in both cooling and heating modes allowing more possibilities for geothermal applications.

Double Heat Recovery

Helps recover energy that would normally be rejected into the condensing water loop. Energy absorbed in units providing cooling is redirected to units that are in heating mode and energy can be recovered between systems through the water loop.

INVERTER-Driven Compressor

Highly responsive variable speed compressors provide outstanding performance and optimized energy usage.

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