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Anchor-Tite HG Fascia provides your BUR or modified roof system with the maximum protection against wind up-lift damage that is available in today’s roofing market.

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Anchor-Tite HG Fascia Built-Up or Modified Version

Anchor-Tite HG Fascia provides your BUR or modified roof system with the maximum protection against wind up-lift damage that is available in today’s roofing market. It is backed by a lifetime 215 mph wind warranty and supported by extensive industry testing to bring long-term, worry-free performance. In addition, Anchor-Tite HG Fascia’s unique design allows for a heavier gauge cover. All of our Anchor-Tite Fascia products are designed for fast and easy installation, eliminating the stripping in that is typical of other roof edge designs.

Features / Benefits


The Lifetime, 215 mph is available on all Metal-Era manufactured Anchor-Tite products. It covers replacement or repair of any portion of the system that has failed due to a defect in Metal-Era supplied materials. The warranty covers the roof edge for the lifetime of the roof on which it was originally installed.


  • Tested per ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 Standard to comply with the International Building Code.
  • Factory Mutual approved for wind uplift protection.

Standard Sizes:

Sizes range from 5 ½" up to 7" face heights to accommodate multiple nailers and coverage requirements.

  • 5 ½"
  • 7"

Anchor Bar Protection:

The patented, extruded aluminum anchor bar securely terminates the membrane. This provides protection unlike any other manufactured or shop-fabricated edge. The anchor bar is readily available to dry-in the roof structure.

Available Materials:

Its unique design allows for covers to be manufactured in 24 ga galvanized steel, 22 ga galvanized steel, .040", .050" and .063" aluminum.

Splice Plates:

Interlocking, concealed splice plate design prevents splice plate migration under the fascia panels. This creates a more aesthetically pleasing design compared to traditional cover plates or lap joints at the seams.


Non-penetrating design eliminates the need for stripping-in or heat welding that is typical of many other roof edge designs. Watertight integrity is not compromised by improper flashing procedures, failed adhesives or lap sealants.

Competitively Priced:

The installed cost rivals even light gauge roof edge systems fabricated locally or in a roofer’s shop.

Efficient Design:

Provided in 12'-0" lengths with pre-punched holes for quicker installation and lower labor costs. The fastening holes are slotted to allow for thermal movement of the materials and ensure correct fastener placement and spacing.


Choose among a wide range of standard colors and finishes that meet your job requirements. A 30 year Kynar 500® finish warranty is included on coil-coated standard colors. Custom post-coated Kynar 500® colors are available with an included 10 year Kynar 500® finish warranty or a 20 year Kynar 500® finish warranty is available upon request.

Anodized finishes are also available and come with a 5 year warranty (no warranty available for coil anodized finishing. Post-coat/Class 1 Batch Anodized is available with a 5 Year warranty with an option to increase to a 10 Year warranty for an upcharge).

Custom Capabilities:

Radius and specially fabricated products are available to meet the unique needs of each project.


Factory fabricated accessories provide a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This eliminates the need for field fabrication, providing time and labor savings.

Also Included:

All anchor bar EPDM splice plates and fasteners are included and will arrive to the job site with the product (sealant by others).

Reuseable/Recyclable Material:

When reroofing, the anchor bar can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled at any time without compromising its strength and appearance.

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