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The MPulse Canopy Light delivers powerful lighting in a sleek form factor ideal for parking garage and canopy applications.

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MPulse Canopy

The MPulse Canopy Light delivers powerful lighting in a sleek form factor ideal for parking garage and canopy applications. The luminaire is available with patent-pending visual comfort optics that distribute light through a non-pixelated light source, resulting in uniform, eye-pleasing illumination with minimal glare. Emergency battery-backup further enhances pedestrian and motorist safety. Simple-to-mount features enable one person to complete the installation, while exceptional lumen maintenance translates to years of energy and labor cost savings. Bringing an extraordinary blend of performance, value and aesthetics to otherwise ordinary spaces, the Canopy Light is part of a full architectural family that includes Wall Mount, Area, Flood and Bollard solutions.


  • 3,790 lm to 6,920 lm

  • 10kV Surge Suppressor

  • High/Low/Off PIR fixture integrated photo/motion sensor compatible with FSIR-100 remote control

  • Die Cast Aluminum housing

  • Two side-mounted 1/2? NPT knockouts

  • Standard 3/4" NPT for pendant mounting

  • IP66 rated

  • 120-277V dimming standard

  • Polycarbonate lens

  • 100,000 hours lifetime calculated at 25°C

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ImageModel # Equivalency Watts Lumens CCT CRI Voltage Listings
MP-CP28HC-40B150W MH283945400070347-480
MP-CP28HC-50B150W MH283870500070347-480
MP-CP28HP-40B150W MH283885400070347-480
MP-CP28HP-50B150W MH283800500070347-480
MP-CP28UA-40B150W MH283875400070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP28UA-50B150W MH283790500070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP28UC-30B150W MH283870300070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP28UC-40B150W MH283945400070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP28UC-50B150W MH283870500070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP28UC-VC840B150W MH282459400080120-277DLC
MP-CP28UC-VC840BCP150W MH282459400080120-277
MP-CP28UP-30B150W MH283800300070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP28UP-40B150W MH283885400070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP28UP-40S150W MH283885400070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP28UP-50B150W MH283800500070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP55HC-40B250W MH556920400070347-480
MP-CP55HC-50B250W MH556840500070347-480
MP-CP55HP-40B250W MH556720400070347-480
MP-CP55HP-50B250W MH556655500070347-480
MP-CP55UA-40B250W MH556635400070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP55UA-50B250W MH556570500070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP55UC-30B250W MH556920300070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP55UC-40B250W MH556920400070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP55UC-50B250W MH556840500070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP55UC-VC840B250W MH554790400080120-277DLC
MP-CP55UP-30B250W MH556720300070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP55UP-40B250W MH556720400070120-277DLC_Premium
MP-CP55UP-50B250W MH556655500070120-277