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Common areas and entryways are an important element to consider when designing any space.

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Common areas and entryways are an important element to consider when designing any space. In retail settings, attracting the attention of passers-by is key to maintaining business traffic, while commercial settings demand a space where occupants can gather while remaining sheltered from the elements. Offer them a bright, open and inviting space with a custom canopy from Major Industries.

Major provides a variety of glazing options that can help you make the most out of outdoor spaces.

From lightweight and durable Guardian 275® translucent panel systems to more traditional glass systems to eye-catching TransCURVE™ curved panel systems and IlluminPC™ polycarbonate multi-wall options, we have the right canopy solution for your design considerations and budget. Whether you’re looking for a simple single-slope solution or a complex and eye-catching polygon, all of our daylighting products feature advanced material technology for enhanced durability, and are backed by industry-long warranties.

Below are just a few examples of how Major’s systems can be incorporated into a building’s design, as well as their benefits compared to traditional opaque canopies and awnings.

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Entrances & Walkways
Welcome customers and protect them from the elements with an outdoor canopy or “pass-through” skylight that leads visitors into indoor spaces. Our translucent panel systems can also be utilized as a variety of attention-grabbing design elements, including covered archways and cantilevered awnings, and can be incorporated into your building’s signage. Translucent panel canopies, when backlit during nighttime hours, also allow soft, diffuse light to pass through, attracting passers-by with a unique look.
Exterior Courtyards & Gathering Areas

Outdoor common use areas are more welcoming when they’re protected from the elements-but don’t settle for a standard light-blocking system that forces you to use artificial lighting even during the middle of the day. Translucent panel canopies offer strong protection against the elements while allowing controlled natural light to penetrate the space.