Magnatag Visible Systems -PolarBoards® Non-Magnetic Dry-Erase Economy MarkerBoards


6 Sizes. Plain white

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Magnatag Visible Systems
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PolarBoards® Non-Magnetic Dry-Erase Economy MarkerBoards

6 Sizes. Plain white

Features and benefits of this product

Designed for moderate use with cleaning and care. Each board includes a write-on kit and factory-installed pen tray. The write-on kit includes an 8 oz. pump-spray board cleaner, 8 dry-erase pens and markers in 4 colors, eraser and large lint-free board wipes.

Note: Economy PolarBoards® are not magnetic. Like all non-magnetic whiteboards, if not cleaned regularly, they may build up marker ink stains and if used outdoors or in areas with significant humidity variations they can develop slight warping.

Plain White PolarBoards® are made with double-thick 1/4" hardboard. PolarBoards® do not have our MagnaLux® whiteboard porcelain-like steel surface or construction and are not recommended for intensive daily write-on use like our steel whiteboards.

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