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VisuGlass™ Magnatag's New Premium Glass Whiteboards

We believe that a glass board is a statement. When you buy a glass whiteboard, you're looking for that clean, striking style.

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VisuGlass™ Magnetic Glass Markerboards

VisuGlass™ Magnatag's New Premium Glass Whiteboards

We believe that a glass board is a statement. When you buy a glass whiteboard, you're looking for that clean, striking style. You want to raise the aesthetics of your boardroom or office. We understand this, and that is why we have built our VisuGlass glass boards from the highest quality materials on the market.

We start with the clearest glass on the market. Many glass boards on the market have a higher lead and iron content which gives the glass a green hue. The lead and iron in their glass make it cheaper because it makes the glass easier to temper at lower temperatures. Our low lead, low iron glass requires a higher level of craftsmanship to work at the high temperatures necessary to produce a crystal clear glass board.

Order your glass board one of two ways, Framed or Frameless. The Frameless option shows off our quarter-inch-thick tempered glass for a very clean modern look. The edges of the glass are finished with a beautifully precise chamfer polished edge.

You can also order your board with a beautiful Anodized Aluminum half inch frame. This frame is sleek and gives you the opportunity to brighten or add accent to your office or conference room.

Colored Glass Boards

We can match your desired Pantone color. You can choose from one of our ten standard colors, or we can produce a custom color glass board to match your needs. Use the "Build Your Own" glass board tool below to browse through the Pantone library. When you order one of our colored boards, we will send you a printed color swatch for your approval. As soon as we receive your approval, we will build your custom color magnetic glass board.

  • Unique Substructure
    You'll find that when glass is in large sheets it is rather flexible. Many glass board companies offer standoffs at all four corners. This setup will result in the board flexing as you write on it. Our unique substructure keeps your board sturdy as you write on it and allows for easy install.
  • Super Strong
    Our quarter inch tempered glass is incredibly durable. Tempered glass can handle tremendous impacts without cracking or shattering. Our tempered glass can withstand an impact of 6,000 psi.
  • What's Included
    Each glass board includes a set of 4 dry-erase chisel-tip glass board markers in four colors (black, red, green, blue), an 8 oz. proprietary glass board cleaner and conditioner and 2 microfiber cleaning towels.
  • Magnetic
    Our glass boards are backed with a durable 24 gauge steel sheet which give our glass boards their magnetic quality. However, our glass boards, as well as every glass board on the market, only work with super strong neodymium magnets. Because of this, we have developed our proprietary GlassGrip™ product that works just like a magnet.
  • Easy Install
    Our glass boards are very easy to install. Our unique substructure and mounting system allow you to easily mount your glass board with a 1 inch offset from the wall. Two people with a level and a drill can easily install any of our glass boards.
  • Worry Free Shipping
    We are so confident that our glass boards are strong and sturdy that if any board is damaged during transit we will immediately rush you a replacement, no questions asked. Your board will arrive packed tightly with a custom exoskeleton protecting the edges.

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