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Holds 6 panels (12 surfaces), 5 panel sizes in 10 styles, wall-mounted or on a Roll-Around™ Stand.

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Magnatag Visible Systems
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SwingView® Information Center™

Holds 6 panels (12 surfaces), 5 panel sizes in 10 styles, wall-mounted or on a Roll-Around™ Stand.

Features and benefits of this product

Display as many as 12 panels (6 two-sided swing panels). Create your own special system from the price charts below. Each 2-sided hinged panel will lift out of the wall bracket and reinsert at any point. Open it to a full 180 degrees flat to the wall. All the panels will pivot flat to the wall on either side to close it.

The hinged swing panels are offered below in plain and printed steel whiteboard models with write-on tools, and in CorkTack® or FabricTack® bulletin panels for document display.

SwingView® system illustrated above consists six 3'h x 2'w two-sided, hinged swing panels, including: plain white (2), 1-month calendar, 1" GhostGrid™, 1x2" grid and CorkTack™, plus pivoting wall bracket. You can select and order your own SwingView® panel assembly from the price list below.


What are the sizes of the SwingView® Wall Brackets?

Wall Bracket Depth from Wall (all sizes) = 6-1/2"Wall Bracket Heights: EB26 = 39" EB36 = 52" EB46 = 63"

What is the size of the SwingView® Roll-Around™ Stand

The SwingView® stands are 74" high x 53" wide. Overall stand width varies with panel size and positioning. With panels at full spread, space requirements are: 54" wide with 3 x 2' panels, 78" wide with 2 x 3' and 4 x 3' panels, 102" wide with 3 x 4' and 4 x 4' panels. Stand feet are 40" long and extend 27" to the front and 9" to the rear of the stand.

Can I buy just the wall bracket or stand without the panels?

We require the purchase of at least one SwingView® panel with the purchase of either a wall bracket or Roll-Around™ stand.

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