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With just a glance, you can quickly see every project's status, keep your team on track, save time, and improve efficiency.

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Do-Done® Project StepTracker® Magnetic Whiteboard System

With just a glance, you can quickly see every project's status, keep your team on track, save time, and improve efficiency.

Features and benefits of this product

Save countless hours trying to organize and communicate project and production status information through phone calls, memos, reports and e-mails. Just a glance at this fast, handy, effective StepTracker® magnetic whiteboard shows you and your staff the status of each line item at each step. See what to do, what is done and where problems are causing delays or stoppages. You also see each step's full workload so you can quickly make changes for maximum efficiency. It gives you an amazing ongoing full view of what's happening.

StepTracker® is so easy to use: Just turn the 2-sided yellow magnet over to show the green side when each "To-Do" step is "Done" or replace it with a red magnet to show a problem.

Kits come with the FlipOver® magnet symbols and everything else needed to operate them. The full magnet kits (board illustrated above) also include color-coded magnetic cardholders, card inserts and CD/ROM card-keying template. You can also write on the board using Dry-Erase pens in 4 colors.

T-Card File Option: A file slot built-in to each item-row holds a 5 x 3" die-cut T-card (10 colors) with the top edge visible. Lift it to read your hidden detailed notes. It's also a record of each item's action history.


What is included with my magnetic whiteboard?

Each whiteboard system offers one or more kit options tailored specifically for that system. Each includes the same high quality, magnetic dry-erase whiteboard. To view and compare the contents of each kit option, select the board item(s) in the Price Chart above and click the “What’s Included” tab.

What options are available for my magnetic whiteboard?

For a list of available board options, including: factory installed board trays, frame color choices, stands and other options, select the board item in the price chart above and scroll to the “Features & Options” tab.

How do I hang my new board?

Your BoldLyne® framed Magnatag® board comes with two hanging options: Patented Safety Hooks and FrameKlamp™ SlideChannel™ wall hangers. You can view an installation video of the two options or download the instructions for either by clicking these links: Safety Hook Installation or FrameKlamp™ Installation. Fastener hardware is not included. Please make sure the fasteners you use are appropriate for your wall.

What are the exact dimensions and weights of the boards?

For exact dimensions, add 1-1/2" to the listed board height and width.

What kind of pens should I use on my board?

For best results use the Magnatag® PandaBoard® dry-erase markers provided with your board.

How do I clean my board?

For best results use the Magnatag® PandaBoard® Brand Cleaner and Conditioner with the large lint-free board wipes provided with your board. Also see care and cleaning information here.

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