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Lystek’s proven Thermal Hydrolysis Process (Lystek THP® ) is leading the way in cost effective, easy-to-operate, biosolids and organics management.

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Thermal Hydrolysis Process (Lystek THP®)

Lystek’s proven Thermal Hydrolysis Process (Lystek THP® ) is leading the way in cost effective, easy-to-operate, biosolids and organics management.

Implementing a Lystek THP solution will transform your traditional Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) into a true Wastewater Resource Recovery Center (WRRC) by harnessing and maximizing the value in these amazing resources.

Lystek’s Thermal Hydrolysis Process

The low heat, low-cost Lystek Thermal Hydrolysis system can be installed as an on-site, (pre or post) anaerobic digestion (AD) solution. It does not interfere with other WWTP processes. The unique, patented process literally disintegrates microbial cell walls and hydrolyses complex macromolecules into simpler compounds. This makes the residual volatile solids in digested biosolids more amenable to further biodegradation when introduced into certain AD systems.

We call this process LysteMizing®.

LysteMized® biosolids contain 40-50% of the total chemical oxygen demand (COD) as soluble COD and significantly higher volatile fatty acids, than standard biosolids. Therefore, they provide readily available organics for AD.

Deployment in plants with anaerobic digesters can result in a significant reduction in output volumes and dramatic improvements in organic utilization rates.

In the AD process, recycling the hydrolysed product enhances biodegradation of volatile solids. This can result in increased biogas yields of up to 40% and reduced output volumes of up to 25%.

In BNR systems, the processed product can be utilized as an alternative carbon source, replacing more costly, conventional products like methanol and glycerol. Specific denitrification rates (SDNR) in this material, which we call LysteCarb® can be significantly higher than these commercial products.

Benefits of Lystek Thermal Hydrolysis Solution

Lystek Thermal Hydrolysis technology can also accept raw sludge directly, producing a high quality product without digestion.

In addition to the creation of a saleable, Class A (EQ) quality, fertilizer product, the multi-beneficial Lystek system can also be utilized to optimize the overall performance of your plant.

Leveraging the full power of Lystek Thermal Hydrolysis will help you reduce operational costs, while increasing biogas output for green energy and enhancing the overall value and capacity of your existing plant infrastructure.


  • Minimize carbon footprint (GHG’s)
  • Maximize value of existing infrastructure
  • Increase renewable energy generation
  • Improve biosolids quality to allow for broader end uses
  • Create alternative carbon source for BNR

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