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Lumonyx is a translucent molded stone with an alabaster look available in a variety of soft colors of quarried alabasters, from pure whites to creams and golden.

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Lumonyx Trans-Illuminated Polymer Panels

Lumonyx is a translucent molded stone with an alabaster look available in a variety of soft colors of quarried alabasters, from pure whites to creams and golden.

Lumonyx, a unique supplier of illuminated alabaster and onyx inspired materials, offers clients the beauty of these sought after minerals for countless applications at an affordable cost. An American company dedicated to providing quality illuminated alabaster and onyx inspired products for every application, we take pride in meeting our goals as well as the needs of our clients. Valued for centuries for beauty and muted ivory and gold tones, these stones are precious. Never more beautiful than when they are illuminated, they exhibit a glow and texture that dazzles the eye.

Our designers at Lumonyx realized that illuminated alabaster and backlit onyx is traditionally found only in the most lavish settings, in very upscale establishments or as part of luxury home décor. We learned early on that working with these stones is as prohibitive as the expense. Breathtaking as they are for beauty and elegance, alabaster and onyx are naturally thick, heavy and quite fragile, which renders them difficult for application. Designers are often persuaded to find other, cheaper and more practical materials, sacrificing the rich tone and grace of these natural minerals. At Lumonyx, we don’t believe clients should have to settle for anything less than the quality and beauty they desire.

We had a job to do:
  • Finding an alternative to illuminated alabaster and onyx that was easier to work with and exhibited the same exquisite effect for backlit glass, bar lighting ideas, commercial bar tops and countertops.
  • Creating a product that was less cumbersome than alabaster and onyx, not as heavy or thick, and worked well for projects for commercial use.
  • High quality was priority one, plus perfectly crafted alabaster and onyx for backlighting bars, countertops, columns, tables, shelves and anything else our clients needed.

We made a commitment to giving our clients all the beauty and elegance of alabaster and onyx at an affordable cost, while creating a material that lends itself well for application anywhere. We knew that illuminated accents in bars, restaurants and clubs are becoming more popular than ever, favored for high end decor and delightful for patrons.

The good news.....we did it! With the development of Lumonyx, we’ve achieved all the excellence, majestic color and tone of alabaster and onyx without the headaches. The proof is in the product:

  • Lumonyx is thinner, translucent and durable, and offers maximum quality and ease in application.
  • Only backlighting can achieve the modern, magical effect that patrons love for commercial bar tops, lighted columns and panels. Lumonyx illumination is far superior.
  • As an accent for club or bar lighting, entertainment venue columns and signs, shelves and light tables for home or business décor, nothing has the same impact as dramatic, magnificent Lumonyx illuminated alabaster and onyx. Our work is widely recognized today, and is featured around the world, including the one and only Palmilla Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico and El Dorado Resort Casino in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Improving on Mother Nature’s work by bringing clients the lovely muted tones of color and texture of marble alabaster and onyx, Lumonyx adds the magic of light, and the extra benefit of ensuring ease in application that other bar top suppliers are unable to offer. The exotic beauty of Lumonyx is equal only to its cutting edge quality. Illuminated Lumonyx club and restaurant accessories heighten the experience of going out on the town, while adding a glowing ambience, thrilling patrons and accenting decor .

Check out these features that make Lumonyx superior for your needs:
  • Superior Strength: Stronger than ordinary alabaster and onyx, superior Lumonyx is durable and effective for application.
  • Easy to Use: Lumonyx is thinner and easier to handle, a designer’s dream for fine alabaster and onyx work. Installation can be handled efficiently and the results are breathtaking.
  • No Special Tools Needed: Lumonyx is easily installed by professionals, which include carpenters, setters and glaziers, using only the basic tools.
  • Quality Lighting: Illumination is uniform and high quality, due to the consistent depth of Lumonyx alabaster and onyx inspired panels, dramatically lighting up every area of application.
  • Custom Sizing Available: Lumonyx is available in 4 feet X 8 feet sheets and can be custom designed to meet client needs.
  • Fast, efficient delivery: White onyx and alabaster Lumonyx is in stock and ready to ship. Other stone colors and special orders are supplied on a made-to-order basis, according to client specification.
Translucent Lumonyx Honeycomb

Strong backlit onyx and alabaster

Have a backlit application that needs a strong, lightweight and rigid onyx or alabaster material? Lumonyx Honeycomb is the answer. It's ideal for backlit bar tops, tables, sculptures, walls and other surfaces subject to impact. Panels are made with a Lumonyx face bonded to a super strong, rigid and lightweight honeycomb backing. The unique laminate structure allows light to pass through without shadows. The polymer honeycomb core supports the Lumonyx evenly and minimizes the need for frames. This allows designers the freedom to create relatively large self supporting and completely translucent shapes. Possibilities include illuminated bartops, domes, columns, beams, panels, signage, stages, platforms, feature walls and more.

Benefits of Lumonyx Honeycomb

  • Durable structural shapes without adding excess weight
  • Shadow free illumination on backlit features
  • Free design assistance to help you create custom shapes
  • Simple and shadow free lighting

Whether you need more information about Lumonyx Honeycomb or want to learn more about how Lumonyx features will create an unforgettable look and feel for your project, we're here to help . Our friendly team of experts will provide a no-cost, no-hassle consultation.

At Lumonyx, our master craftsman have discovered the secret to blending all of the breathtaking elegance of alabaster with an application ease that ensures a perfect result every time, and we’ve added something special…backlighting.

The look of fine, natural alabaster has captivated designers for centuries, and was originally used primarily for religious items, such as Egyptian art, sacred vessels and tombs. Mined in limestone caves in areas of the Middle East, the Far East and even the British Isles, alabaster quarries have produced material for some of the most breathtaking examples of art and architecture in the world. Valued for its soft, muted colors of cream and gold, veined in intriguing patterns and polished smooth for application, alabaster adds panache and drama to every application.

Today, alabaster is as cherished as ever, and the look of this treasured stone is sought after for countless designs. Everything from bar and counter tops, columns for buildings, fine hotels and hospitality venue décor, furniture and even domes for cathedrals and worship spaces are breathtaking when worked with alabaster. However, natural alabaster is costly and fragile, sometimes difficult to apply for modern projects. It is heavy and unwieldy for working, and the color and pattern of naturally mined alabaster is inconsistent and can vary greatly. Fortunately, Lumonyx offers a solution when only the look and feel of true alabaster will do. Lumonyx is a material that combines the essence of beautiful alabaster with the convenience of easy application for countless projects.

Only one thing improves the look of elegant alabaster…backlighting. Backlit alabaster by Lumonyx ensures an astonishing effect that is delightful and game changing in the world of trendy club and entertainment venues. Imagine serving cocktails at a backlit alabaster bar that glows with an ethereal light, adding a dramatic, pleasing effect for your patrons. Backlighting isn’t just for bars, however.

At Lumonyx, backlit alabaster is crafted by the gifted stone artisans in our studios for hundreds of special projects, tailored to the needs of each client. Color, pattern and types of backlighting, each created according to client preferences, is created with our promise that applying Lumonyx will prove to be top quality at an affordable price. Our designers are skilled at delivering stylish Lumonyx backlit alabaster for any design.

  • Backlit alabaster columns
  • Alabaster lighting applications
  • Illuminated bar tops, shelves and entertainment club tables
  • Alabaster domes, panels and light fixtures for home or business décor
  • Office space dividers
  • Backlit alabaster accents for casino and resort hotel décor

Backlighting for alabaster Lumonyx takes a variety of forms, and is offered in hues that cross the full spectrum of color, adding a refined, cutting edge flair. The light, reflected through the translucent Lumonyx panel, is a nontraditional way to make your nightclub, resort hotel or casino distinctive and unique, a cut above others. The backlit alabaster you choose creates a fascinating, stylish setting that will delight your patrons.

  • Dimmable fluorescent lighting is a dazzling effect for Lumonyx bar and club lighting, or gleaming casino or resort decor, spaced for a consistent, even light and featuring controls to increase brilliance or to tone things down for a cozier glow. This style is perfect for setting the right mood all day long and after dark.
  • Also controlled by a dimmer feature, LED lighting strips can be used for backlighting, creating a futuristic, glamorous glow for illuminated bar tops, counter tops, tables and bar shelves. LED bar light columns and lighting features are economical and durable.
  • Low-Voltage strip lighting is a practical, cost effective way to backlight your Lumonyx project, especially for highlighting shelving units and strip lighting.

Lumonyx designers are certain that our revolutionary stone will meet every client need for backlit alabaster applications, adding panache and elegance wherever it is featured. Lumonyx’ first priority is service, and our designers are committed to seeing your Lumonyx project through to a breathtaking finish.

  • The look and feel of natural alabaster, custom designed according to client specifications
  • Professional backlighting for alabaster bar and countertops, columns, light panels and countless applications
  • Hues that cross the full spectrum of color and superior quality, Lumonyx enhances every décor.
  • Stronger, lighter and more workable than traditional alabaster, at a significant savings
Detailing Lumonyx

Backlighting onyx or alabaster requires a bit of planning. At Lumonyx we work with designers, lighting consultants and owners to help you achieve the look you want.

The type of backlighting that is best for your project will depend on the effect desired.

Keep in mind that backlit Lumonyx stone becomes a three-dimensional illuminated shape, with the normal shadow and illumination source and effect reversed. The results are bold, dramatic and amazing.

Depending on the level of assistance needed, we can work with you three ways:

  • Supply the Lumonyx alabaster or onyx material only
  • Supply Lumonyx material and attachment details or structures
  • Supply, fabricate and install of the entire work

In order to get the details right we believe it is important to work closely with customers. We can assist with test samples, renderings and mock ups to help demonstrate the design. The step by step approval process helps ensure that our clients, and yours, are satisfied with the final result.

Backlighting Options

Lighting technology is constantly changing and new systems offer new options and design considerations.

Dimmable Florescent

The Lumonyx bars can be back lighted with dimmable fluorescent strips. The lights should be spaced to produce an even glow and can be controlled with brightness settings for daytime or night.


Lumonyx panels can be backlit with LED strips. These can be controlled on a dimming system.

Low-Voltage Strips

Bars and shelves may be backlit with low-voltage strips. They work well for highlighting and strip lighting.

Due to overwhelming demand for our most popular color options, LUM-12 , LUM-33 , LUM-37 , & LUM-48 , we are excited to announce that we have these colors available for immediate shipment.

Available in 4' x 8' sheet sizes, it is now easier than ever to add the beauty and elegance of backlit alabaster panels to your project

We will also be adding more color varieties to our Quick Ship availability.

Lumonyx: Amazing Selection Options

Artisans who work with genuine alabaster or onyx will tell you that every one of these fragile stones is different. The blocks, eggs, and pieces of alabaster and onyx that are extracted from below the ground’s surface can vary in terms of translucence, weight, thickness, veining, and color composition. There is really no way to predict exactly what the appearance of mined alabaster or onyx will be, so sculptors and manufacturers of genuine stone elements must work with what is available. But what exactly does this mean for you if you’re hoping to add an alabaster sculpture or light sconce to a restaurant or hotel lobby? Essentially, it means that you might not be able to get the exact look you want since selection will be somewhat limited. The pure white alabaster you wanted for that classical sculpture might contain fine yellow veins, or you might have to settle for onyx that is more yellow than tan.

At Lumonyx, we want to make sure that all of our clients get the exact piece they want, which is why we offer an amazing selection of colors and patterns. There’s classic gleaming white of course, but we also offer dozens of other choices as well. Just a few more possibilities include soft pink, pale green with brown highlights, an enchanting blend of light and dark blues, and amber with complimentary red swirls. These all represent bold and remarkable choices that are sure to attract attention, but you can also choose subtler patterns and colors if you aren’t interested in solid white. Consider pure white with delicate brown or black lines, white with swirls or ripples to add visual variety, or white with cream highlights. You’ll be amazed at how much these simple embellishments can add to a piece, particularly if you plan to illuminate it from within.

With many color combinations and textures to suit a variety of décors, Lumonyx is a superb choice if you’re searching for a manufacturer that offers an outstanding selection of looks and designs for your next project. All of our designs are inspired by genuine alabaster and onyx, two of nature’s most perfect stone creations. We work painstakingly to ensure that every Lumonyx design reflects the translucence, appearance, colors, and textures found deep beneath the earth. The result for you is a panel, column, sculpture, or element crafted from resins and natural minerals that is both genuine looking and utterly breathtaking.

Once you find a Lumonyx pattern that would be well-suited for your hotel, casino, restaurant, or office project, the next step is to contact us. Because of the vast selection of designs offered, we make most of our materials after orders are received. Bear in mind that the colors and shading of your finished product may vary slightly from those depicted in the picture. These subtle differences, however, are what make every piece crafted by Lumonyx, onyx, and alabaster artisans unique. Since no two Lumonyx elements are exactly alike, you’ll not only get to take advantage of our amazing selection, but you’ll also own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that can’t be duplicated. To discuss your needs, and to find out whether Lumonyx offers materials and services that are appropriate for your next project.

Better Value

While the translucence and striking color patterns found in natural onyx and alabaster make these stones utterly irresistible, products crafted from these materials are often prohibitively expensive. An individual might own a treasured alabaster sculpture of a bird or have a single onyx chandelier in the entrance area of his or her home, but onyx and alabaster are usually not practical materials for large scale retail or hospitality applications. At Lumonyx, we are able to offer our clients the look of alabaster or onyx at prices that are within reach. Our products costs less than those crafted from genuine stone, and offer better value over the long-term.

The methods we use to produce our materials are more efficient: One of the reasons why goods crafted from alabaster and onyx are so costly is that these stones must be mined, an activity that involves a considerable amount of time and effort. Alabaster is extracted in the form of small blocks or egg-shaped pieces, and the process involves significant amounts of labor and specialized equipment. In addition, much of the alabaster is discarded as waste when the vase, light cove, or sculpture is being produced.

In contrast, the methods used to get the material needed to produce Lumonyx elements are very efficient. Our material is typically fabricated from our special resins and natural minerals on a made-to-order basis. Only producing what we need when we receive an order means there is minimal waste and storage costs are reduced. In addition, producing an acrylic product is simply much more economical than mining delicate alabaster. Lumonyx is pleased to pass these lower material costs on to you.

The use of molds cuts down on production time: Working alabaster and onyx using traditional machines, methods, and hand tools is a painstaking, time-consuming process. Producing intricate details can take countless hours, a lot of the original material is wasted, and any slip of the hand can result in an imperfect piece. These many hours of labor can also drive up the price. By using molds to produce Lumonyx elements, we can complete projects more quickly, which can save you money.

Lumonyx products typically have long life spans and remain in good condition with proper care: The upfront cost is often the only thing people consider when shopping for architectural elements, but that number doesn’t tell the whole story. Not only will Lumonyx products cost you less initially, but they may also save you money over time. Because the materials used by Lumonyx are non-porous, stronger, and more durable overall, they are less likely to stain, chip, or break, problems that can lower the aesthetic value of products or cause them to have to be replaced. The potential long life span of Lumonyx products makes them a savvy financial investment for the present and the future.

When you’re ready to invest in one or more Lumonyx products to enhance a luxurious resort, upscale restaurant, or hip night club, our design and production experts will be happy to help. We are practiced at creating the custom products our clients want, so feel free to bring us your one-of-a-kind vision and ideas.

More design choices with Lumonyx

Haunting cathedrals featuring domes that scatter the morning light in all directions, ultra-trendy clubs with illuminated bar tops, and offices with upscale onyx-inspired partitions - it’s clear that with respect to architecture, no two visions and designs are alike. The Lumonyx team can produce alabaster and onyx-inspired elements for residential, ecclesiastical, hospitality, and retail applications, just to name a few. Because we work with people in a variety of industries, we understand probably better than anyone that if you want to please your clients, choice is paramount. Our modern material and our design and production process allow us to offer an almost unlimited number of design choices, one of the most important benefits of choosing Lumonyx.

The Lumonyx team can produce an almost limitless variety of shapes. The level of detail and the variety of forms artisans working with alabaster and onyx have been able to achieve using traditional sculpting tools is truly astounding. Still, with these traditional methods, there are only so many shapes possible. Working with modern acrylics, Lumonyx is able to produce an unlimited number of shapes and textures using molds, and they are able to achieve a level of precision and consistency not possible with chisels, grinders, and hammers. To put it simply, if you can envision it, we can probably produce it - spheres, waves, triangles, and complex abstract shapes are all achievable.

With Lumonyx, larger sizes are possible: We are able to produce onyx or alabaster-inspired panels as large as 12’ by 4’, and we can also craft sizeable columns and domes. When size is less of a concern, you’re free to envision more possibilities and potentially make your Lumonyx piece the focal point of a room or an entire building.

Lumonyx materials are made to order, not mined: This means we can offer you more choice in terms of what your final piece will look like. With Lumonyx, you can choose the colors, lines, and swirls that will fit with your décor. Since we produce all of our designs in-house, you can rest assured that the pattern you want for your office partition or casino dome will always be available.

Lumonyx can produce custom products: Want hundreds of blue, star-shaped light covers for your ocean-themed resort? Maybe you want the entire ceiling of your tropical bar to glow with warm ambers, reds, and golds. No matter what your vision is, the Lumonyx team will do our utmost to meet your needs. Specializing in custom products, truly listening to our customers and making a genuine effort to understand their desires, and using a castable material translates into endless possibilities.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards getting that one-of-a-kind onyx or alabaster-inspired product you’ve always thought would be perfect for your living room, nightclub, or resort. Our Lumonyx representatives can tell you more about our custom design process, our amazing selection of alabaster and onyx-inspired patterns, and the range of elements we can produce.

Lumonyx panel: lighter than stone

Stone is a notoriously heavy construction material. Because of the high weights of stones like alabaster and onyx, the number of applications these materials are suitable for and the range of forms that are possible are limited. Although Lumonyx looks just like heavy alabaster and onyx, it is actually a lightweight acrylic made from special resins and finely-ground natural minerals. The lower weight of Lumonyx elements is a major benefit for numerous reasons.

Lighter weights mean more possibilities: When elements are crafted from stones like alabaster and onyx, there are only so many shapes that are possible. The production of top-heavy sculptures, for instance, would probably be avoided, as this type of shape would put the sculpture at risk of fracturing under its own weight. This would especially be a concern with alabaster, since the stone often has weak spots that are prone to breakage. Larger forms would also probably not be produced, as installing and supporting these large elements could be prohibitively difficult. The lightweight acrylic used by the Lumonyx team allows for the production of large panels, magnificent column covers, and awe-inspiring domes without the traditional worries of breakage and involved installations. Lower weights present many more options than would be possible with heavy stone.

Lighter weights make transportation and installation easier: Heavier materials are generally more difficult to transport and install. Everything from loading elements onto the truck, to installing necessary on-site supports, to lifting the stone piece into place takes extra effort and time because the material is so heavy. The material used by the Lumonyx team weighs significantly less than the alabaster and onyx it replicates. Compared to these heavy stones, transporting and setting up Lumonyx products is a breeze.

Lighter weights are associated with reduced costs: In addition to production expenses, those hoping to add alabaster or onyx elements (or pieces inspired by these types of natural stone) must also take transportation costs and expenses associated with installation into account. As a rule, heavier materials cost more to ship. And, since they are usually more difficult to put into place once they reach their destination, installation can be costly too. Because Lumonyx products are considerably lighter than their stone counterparts, shipping and installation is likely to be less costly, which can help you stay within your project budget without sacrificing the look and style you really want.

The relatively low weights of the revolutionary and convincing-looking materials used by the Lumonyx team is just one of many reasons why our company is a great choice when you desire the look of alabaster or onyx in your office, place of worship, clothing store, or bar. The outstanding value of our products, our ability to produce one-of-a-kind custom pieces, and the durability of our materials are a few more. To discuss your vision with a representative and find out why Lumonyx materials are such an excellent alternative to natural stone.

Lumonyx offers outstanding durability

Traditionally, stone has been equated with strength, impermeability, and resilience. When it comes to alabaster, however, looks can be deceiving. This enchanting translucent stone that seems to glow warmly from within when exposed to natural or artificial light is actually quite fragile. Light sconces, plates, and other elements crafted from alabaster must be shipped and handled with care. Alabaster and onyx are also quite porous, making them susceptible to damage from the elements, which is why alabaster sculptures are typically found indoors. It’s also why these materials are not suitable for items that will be handled or touched regularly, since even oil from the hands can stain and mar the exquisite appearance of these stones.

Undoubtedly, those in charge of the design of churches, hospitality establishments, hospitals, and retail spaces would choose to work with alabaster and onyx more often if the materials were better able to stand up to stress. Even a single alabaster light cove can make the grandest lobbies and stores even more spectacular. Thanks to Lumonyx, you no longer have to choose between durability and beauty. Our alabaster and onyx-inspired products are crafted using robust resins and natural minerals to make an acrylic material that offers you the best of both worlds.

Lumonyx products are non-porous. If you could see an up-close view of alabaster or onyx, these stones would look almost like sponges. The porous nature of natural alabaster makes it much less durable and more easily stained than other building materials. When it’s exposed to any number of substances - the chemicals in cleaning products, dirt, even oils and sweat that are naturally present on the skin - alabaster absorbs these impurities, which often results in stains. The stone’s susceptibility to damage means that it may not remain in pristine condition for long if it is not meticulously cared for and protected from exposure to dirt and liquids. The acrylic used to create Lumonyx products can effectively handle liquids and dirt without becoming stained or damaged. Like other types of plastics, water and dust from the air will simply sit on the surface of our Lumonyx products, so it can easily be wiped away.

Lumonyx products are rigid. The softness of alabaster makes it a favorite material for sculptors who want to add intricate details to their pieces. Some alabaster is so yielding that it can be scraped away with a fingernail. While it may be the perfect choice for creating works of art, the softness of alabaster also makes it much more prone to damage in the form of chips and scratches. Lumonyx products, on the other hand, are crafted from a hard, unyielding material that is not easily dented or harmed.

Lumonyx products are strong. Alabaster and onyx often have weak spots, which make these stones prone to fractures in certain places. Lumonyx products are crafted in such a way that they are resistant to breakage and every square inch is robust and able to handle stresses traditional materials can't.

The durability of our revolutionary Lumonyx material is just one of its many advantages compared to natural alabaster and onyx stone. This resilience translates into countless design possibilities that would otherwise be highly impractical or impossible. With Lumonyx, an illuminated tabletop in your bar that is visually indistinguishable from rare pink alabaster is no longer unrealistic, nor are onyx-inspired exterior domes. To find out more about our durable acrylic materials and how you can use them in place of alabaster and onyx without sacrificing the drama and mystique of these stones.

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