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LOCKERSMFG Angle Iron lockers are an example of strength and ventilation. LockersMFG brand Angle Iron lockers are a great choice for first responders and anyone looking for strength and maximum ventilation.

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Metal Lockers - Angle Iron Series

LOCKERSMFG Angle Iron lockers are an example of strength and ventilation. LockersMFG brand Angle Iron lockers are a great choice for first responders and anyone looking for strength and maximum ventilation.

Angle Iron Series Standard Specs

Angle Iron Series lockers are built within a 1”x 1” x 1/8” angle iron frame. The 1/8” thick angle iron creates extra-strong locker edges and provides a solid framework. Equipped with diamond perforated doors and sides, this locker offers a high degree of airflow.

Angle Iron lockers come with a standard 2 mil thick powder coat baked enamel finish, available in 24 colors as well as any custom color.

All Angle Iron Series lockers are built with panels spanning multiple lockers, reducing seams, and adding rigidity and strength. The intermediate vertical door frame channels are all common between openings in the Angle Iron locker. The door hinge is riveted to door and frame. This offers maintenance flexibility in the field.

All LockersMFG lockers come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Top of the Line Features

  • 2 mil thick powder coat baked to cure finish
  • Standard Single Point Latch
  • Standard 16 gauge continuous piano type hinges riveted to both door and frame
  • Continuous door strike has rubber bumpers to reduce noise
  • Fully welded angle frame construction
  • Standard 14 gauge door with reinforcement hat channel/door stiffener
  • Standard 16 gauge bottom
  • Available in 1, 2 & 6 Tier
  • Lifetime Warranty * Best-in-class

Gauge Reference

TOP: 16

BACK: 18

SIDE: 14


DOOR: 14



Ventilation Options

  • Diamond Perforations (Standard)
  • Standard Louvers
  • Solid

Door Handle Options

  • Door Pull
  • Cremone Turn Handle

Product Fabrication Information

Material: Steel parts shall be mild cold‐rolled commercial quality steel, capable of taking a high grade enamel finish. Steel mandrel rivets, zinc plated truss, and fin head bolts with hex nuts.

Fabrication: Shall be on the unit principle, each locker with individual door and frame, individual top, bottom, back, and shelves, with common intermediate divisions separating compartments.

Construction: Pre assemble lockers by welding into one piece structures in groupings most practical for job requirements, welds free of burrs; max width of groups to be 54” ; no bolts, nuts, or rivets allowed in assembly of main locker groups.

Door Frames: Shall be continuous 1”x1”x1/8” pretreated angle iron steel.

Doors: 14 gauge steel with double bends on vertical sides and a single bend on horizontal sides.

Ventilation: All sides and doors 20” or higher shall be perforated with diamond shaped perforations. Optional solid doors and sides.

Body: Steel specially formed for added strength and rigidity and to ensure tight joints at fastening points.

Box Lockers: Door shall be 14 gauge steel, punched for built in lock or pad lock. Equip doors for use with padlocks with an 18 gauge combination door pull, staple, and lock hole cover plate with integral friction.

Hinges: Shall be 16 gauge full length continuous piano type riveted to both door and frame. Hinge shall maximize security and enhance resistance to abuse and vandalism.

Handle & Latching: Single Point Latching with Recessed Handle with integral pocket and pull 20 gauge brushed stainless steel securely fastened to door with two lugs and a positive tamper resistant decorative fastener. Pocket Depth shall be sufficient to prevent a combination padlock, built in combination lock, or key lock from protruding beyond door face. Pull formed in pocket. Padlock staple protruding through pocket. Provide lock hole cover plate for use with padlocks. Locking device 11 gauge steel hasp welded to locker frame; include surface for engaging the bolt of a built in combination or key lock and anti pry lug and slot to deter prying open when locked. Firmly secure rubber silencers to locker frame.

Latching: 3 point Cremone Multipoint Latch provides an unbreakable steel handle welded securely to a 3 point cremone type latch mechanism. Latching rods 3/8” in diameter shall engage top and bottom edge of locker frame: a 1/8” thick center latch shall engage the locker jamb, enabling door to latch on three sides. Mechanism must be compatible for padlocks and built in deadbolt locks.

Interior Equipment: Lockers 20” or more in height shall have a full width shelf, one double prong ceiling hook and two single prong wall hooks.

Number Plates: Provide holes for attaching number plates. Each locker shall have a polished aluminum number plate riveted to door face with black numerals 1/2” high.

Finish: All components shall have a 2mm hybrid epoxy/polyester powder, electrostatically applied to ensure a uniform finished and baked to cure.

Submittals: Submit under provisions of Section 01 33 00. Shop Drawings shall show dimensioned plans, elevations, and sections.

Accessories: available upon request.

Locks: available upon request.

ADA Compliance: Lockers are to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility guidelines. They shall have recessed handles and shall be single tier or lower opening of a double tier locker. Locker bottom shall be a minimum of 15” off the floor. Single tier lockers shall have a shelf 48” off the floor. Doors assigned for handicapped use shall have an appropriate symbol sign.

Integral Metal Base: 4" high 16 gauge steel channel, welded to the locker bottom.


Installation: Lockers shall be installed in compliance with Lockers Manufacturing’s installation instructions and shall be level and plumb with flush surfaces and rigid attachment to anchoring surfaces.

Assembly: Assembly by bolting is acceptable, Lockers Manufacturing recommends assembly by riveting. Rivets provide solid permanent fastening but allow for faster removal by drilling where future rearrangement of lockers or replacement of damaged parts may be required.

Anchoring: Anchor lockers to floor and wall

Adjust and Clean: Adjust doors and latches to operate without binding. Verify that latches are operating satisfactorily. Adjust built-in locks to prevent binding of dial or key and ensure smooth operation prior to substantial completion.

Touch up: With factory supplied paint and repair or replace damaged products before substantial completion.

Protection: Protect installed products until completion of the project.

Delivery, Storage and Handling: Store product in manufacturers unopened packaging until ready for installation to protect the locker finish and adjacent surfaces from damage.

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