Little Buildings, Inc. - Guard House Preassembled 4' x 6'

Guard House Preassembled 4' x 6'

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Little Buildings, Inc.
161 Shafer Dr.
Romeo, MI 48065
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Guard House Preassembled 4' x 6'

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There are a number of companies who sell guard houses, they are all over the internet. So how do you know which one is right for you? If it is just a cheap price, we probably can not help. However, if you are looking for a guard house that will provide you with years of service with low maintenance and the ability to hold up to tough use, you have come to the right place! We have over 40 years experience choosing the best materials, designing and building guard houses. That's right, we build them in our own U.S. plant and ship them all over the world! When you choose Little Buildings you can be assured you will be making a sound purchase that everyone will be happy with.

Guard House ready to ship! Often in stock for immediate shipment, this 4'x6' preassembled guard house arrives in one piece, ready to set, connect, and use. Built of welded, galvanized steel this guard house unit can withstand years of rugged use.

Standard guard house features include work counter with storage drawer, fiberglass insulated walls and ceiling, 3" canopy overhang, sloped roof with downspout, lifting ring, anchoring clips, elevated treadplate floor, safety glass windows, sliding door with overhead track and rollers and a heavy-duty lock that can easily be re-keyed to your system.

Standard Guard House electrical features include energy saving ceiling mounted fluorescent light with wall mounted light switch, wall mounted heater with thermostat, electrical outlet (GFI type), all wiring in EMT per National Electric Code (NEC) standards, and a wall mounted circuit breaker box with main disconnect. Order air conditioner-heater combo and tinted glass for year-round comfort for your Guard House from Little Buildings, Inc.

Other options include bullet-resisting construction, elevated stands, trailer mount, brick exteriors

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