Landscape Structures, Inc. -SkyWays® Hexagon, Double Layer 35' Diameter


Block even more sun with the overlapping panels of the SkyWays® Hexagon, Double Layer.

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SkyWays® Hexagon, Double Layer 35' Diameter

Block even more sun with the overlapping panels of the SkyWays® Hexagon, Double Layer.

  • A beautiful and economical way to provide shade at parks, playgrounds, athletic facilities, aquatic centers, schools, parking lots and more
  • Available in a variety of fabric colors to complement your environment
  • Choose one color for the bottom layer of fabric panels and a second color for the top layer
  • Posts available in ProShield® colors
  • Remove fabric when wind speed is expected to exceed 105 mph or snow load is expected to exceed 5 psf, per International Building Code (IBC) 2012. For different building codes, contact Landscape Structures.
  • Shade diameter is available in four sizes (35’ to 50’) with 8', 10', 12’ or 14' entry heights
  • A set of basic engineering drawings in electronic format is included at no extra charge with standard SkyWays products. If the project requires site-specific information (e.g. address or project name) or needs wet seals, then an extra charge will be applied.
  • SkyWays quotations do not specify concrete requirements or labor hours for the installation of SkyWays products.
  • Manufactured in and ships from Dallas, TX
  • SkyWays Hexagon, Double Layer is not IPEMA™ certified

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3,524 lbs

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