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The Cool Mister Single Post provides a mist of water for the steamiest days.

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Cool Mister Single Post

The Cool Mister Single Post provides a mist of water for the steamiest days.

  • Angled shade panel creates a welcome cool-down space anywhere you need it
  • Attached junction box includes a shut-off valve and a filter that needs periodic cleaning
  • CoolToppers Single Post is not IPEMA™ certified
  • Easy to install; a moveable clamp allows you to adjust tension after the post is set
  • Generous 12' x 12' size provides a large area of shade to block out UV rays
  • May also be attached to PlayBooster® playstructures
  • Remove fabric when wind speed is expected to exceed 90 mph or snow load is expected to exceed 5 psf, per International Building Code (IBC) 2009. For different building codes, contact Landscape Structures.
  • Requires a hose connection (60 psi maximum water pressure)
  • Two spray heads shower visitors with a cool mist of water at the touch of a button (available only on Freestanding Play model)
  • When activated, two 6-1/2'-high spray heads spray mist for 10 seconds

Component Details

Age Ranges

2 to 5 Years

5 to 12 years

Product Categories

Freestanding Play

Shipping Weight

102 lbs

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