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SHEER Vertical Blinds

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SHEER Vertical Blinds

Sheer VisionS® verticals

Imagine the possibilities with Sheer Visions® Verticals. A unique combination with the beauty of seamless sheers and the practicality of a vertical all wrapped up in one!

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Lafayette Product Names Sheer Visions Verticals
Material Seamless Sheer Fabric and Vinyl Louvers
Slat size, Pleat size, Louver size 3 1/2"
Sizes Available Width: 168"
Height: 114"
Available Colors 90+
Opacity P/L Ctrl 1-5
Fire Retardant Some materials
Operating Options Cord Draw or Wand Draw
Specialty Shape/Design Options N/A
Motorization Available No
Neutral Exterior Appearance Yes, some materials
Orientation within Window Vertical
Safety Features (break away tassels,cord cleats or cordless option) Yes, Wand Draw
Energy Efficient, Sustainable, Certified or Recycled Materials
Special Features or Options Decomatic Headrail
Euro Hem, 2" Bottom Hem or 4" Bottom Hem

If the product is being used in a window sill application, a double 2" bottom hem is suggested.

Warranty Vertical Fabric - 3 yrs;
Track - Lifetime Limited
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