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Aluminum Blinds

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Aluminum Blinds

echelon™, INTEGRA™, Traditions, and Metro aluminum Blinds

Echelon, Integra, Traditions, and Metro Aluminum blinds from Lafayette Interior Fashions bring you the very best in function, finishes, style and durability. Carefree maintenance and our spring-tempered aluminum slats bounce right back to even the toughest treatment making them perfect for any room of the house and any budget. Our optional Light-Ban feature diminishes visable route holes to block out 50% more light to maximize privacy and light control.

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Lafayette Product Names Echelon™, Integra, Traditions™, & Metro
Material Aluminum
Slat size, Pleat size, Louver size 1/2", 1", & 2"
Sizes Available Width: 8 3/8-192"
Height: 6-126"
Available Colors 100+
Opacity P/L Ctrl 2-4
Fire Retardant -
Operating Options Standard cord, Cordless
Motorization Available Yes
Neutral Exterior Appearance Yes - in Duotone Colors
Orientation within Window Horizontal
Safety Features (break away tassels,cord cleats or cordless option) Yes
Energy Efficient, Sustainable, Certified or Recycled Materials -

Special Features or Options

Sleek Echelon or Integra headrail eliminates need for valance
Decorative tapes for 2" blinds

Light-Ban option eliminates rout holes for additional light control and privacy

warranty Lifetime Limited
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