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MultiSITE Communications Manager - Model PBACNBTR0A

Integration Solutions

The MultiSITE Communications Manager is a compact and powerful controller that allows third party integration of an LG HVAC system into any Building Management System via BACnet® , LonWorks® and Fox protocols.
BACnet® is a registered trademark of ASHRAE
LonWorks is a trademark of Echelon Corporation.


The MultiSITE Communications Manager is a network ready, out of the box integration solution and includes the LG pre-engineered, graphical user interface. The MultiSITE Communications Manager is easily configurable and requires no additional software.

Benefits & Features

  • Integrates Multi V, Multi V S and select Multi F systems with third party building management systems.
  • LG Graphical User Interface
  • Indoor unit control/monitoring by groups/indoor units
  • Operation - On/Off
  • Mode - Auto/Cool/Dry/Heat/Fan Only
  • Fan Speed - Auto/Low/Med/High/Power
  • Two Setpoint Auto?Changeover
  • Occupancy control
  • Speed, Controller Lock, and Louver Swing
  • Temperature Setpoint Range Limit
  • Remote Controller Lock (All, Setpoint, Mode, Fan Speed)
  • Power Distribution Indicator (PDI)

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