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OptiQ™ AA™4325 Series Windows - High-Thermal Performance Products - Market Solutions

Category: blast-resistant windows | explosion resistant windows

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OptiQ™ AA™4325 Series Windows - High-Thermal Performance Products - Market Solutions

Model Number: OptiQ™ AA™4325 Series Windows

The tradition of offering innovative products continues with the introduction of OptiQ™ Ultra Thermal Windows. Built-in thermal intelligence makes it the industry’s smartest window. The result of a pioneering partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy, the AA®4325 series window – the first OptiQ Window – reaches a new level in thermal performance due to the unique features integrated into its design. This thermal intelligence allows the AA4325 series window to maintain thermal continuity, reduce thermal transmission and help retain interior heat. As energy codes become increasingly stringent, high-performing building products are a requirement rather than a luxury. The AA4325 series window meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for Architectural Window performance class including life cycle testing. Since it is made from aluminum, this ultra thermal window will never rot, warp or buckle due to moisture and weather exposure. With groundbreaking design features and multiple options for customization, the intelligence of OptiQ Windows is truly built into the details.  This versatile window is available in several configurations including, fixed, projecting and casement. Additionally, the AA4325 series window offers the flexibility to add or remove thermal options based on performance and cost requirements.

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  • 3-1/4" (82.6mm) depth

  • Architectural window (AW)

  • Ultra thermal performance

  • Fixed, projecting or casement

  • Blast mitigation, hurricane resistance


OptiQ™ AA™4325 Series Windows
Category Fixed, Casement, Projected
Country United States
Depth 3-1/4"
Region North America
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