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Fleece-backed thermoplastic polyolefin membrane.

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JM TPO Fleece Backed Roofing Membrane - TPO Roofing Systems

Fleece-backed thermoplastic polyolefin membrane.

Meets of exceeds the requirements of ASTM D 6878

Integral Polyester Fleece Backing: In-line application of fleece allows for stronger bond for polyester backing that gives more flexibility in varying susbtrates for mechanically fastened or adhered systems.

One of the Widest Melt Windows: Promotes better welds over a wider variety of speeds and teperatures, and leads to a softer, more flexible and workable sheet.

Reinforced Fabric Scrim and Top-Ply Thickness: Lends to durable physical properties including:

  • Long-term weathering, UV resistance and heat-aging properties
  • High breaking and tearing strength

Optimized TPO Formulation: Delivers high-performance ozone resistance, cool roof reflectivity and overall weather resistance.

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