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Composite-reinforced, SBS mineral-surfaced flashing sheet.

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DynaFlex - SBS Roofing Systems

Composite-reinforced, SBS mineral-surfaced flashing sheet.

Meets or exceeds the criteria for ASTM D 6221, Type I

DynaFlex is used as a composite-reinforced cap sheet membrane in a variety of multi-ply roofing systems.

Ceramic-Coated Roofing Granules: Specifically engineered for optimal embedment in the SBS-blend sheet. The ceramic coating promotes excellent long-term adhesion.

High-Quality SBS Rubber and Asphalt Blend: Lends elasticity and flexibility to the sheet. The elongation and recovery properties allow the product to easily accommodate the continual expansion and contraction experienced on all roofs.

Fiber Glass/Polyester Reinforcement Mat: Combines the excellent tensile strength, toughness and puncture resistance of a polyester mat with the dimensional stability and lay-flat characteristics of fiber glass.

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