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Fiber glass-reinforced SBS base or ply sheet.

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DynaBase - SBS Roofing Systems

Fiber glass-reinforced SBS base or ply sheet.

Meets the requirements of ASTM D 6163, Type I, Grade S

DynaBase is used as a fiber glass-reinforced base or ply sheet in a variety of multi-ply roofing systems.

High-Quality SBS Rubber and Asphalt Blend: Lends elasticity and flexibility to the sheet. The elongation and recovery properties allow the product to easily accommodate the continual expansion and contraction experienced on all roofs.

Fiber Glass Reinforcement Mat: Offers excellent dimensional stability and tensile strength and withstands differential movement. Because it has no thermal memory less time is needed to relax the sheet, allowing for ease of installation. The fiber glass mat also has good lay-flat characteristics, contributing to better aesthetics.

Surfacing: Fine mineral parting agent on both sides of the sheet.

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