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Formaldehyde-free™ flexible duct insulation.

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Flex-Glas PC - Flexible Duct Insulation

Formaldehyde-free™ flexible duct insulation.

Designed for residential and commercial HVAC applications, Flex-Glas® PC Formaldehyde-free™ flexible duct insulation provides excellent acoustical and thermal performance versus metal ducts. The product is manufactured using our HERMax high-performance rotary fiberization process. Flex-Glas PC also has a lightweight, highly resilient, fiberglass core specifically designed for use in the manufacture of finished insulated flexible ducts. JM is proud to be an Associate Member of the Air Duct Council.

R-value: 6.0 (1-5/8")
Recycle Content: 14%
Greenguard: Gold

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