Ives Door Accessory Hardware -Surface Bolts, Door Guards, Latches and Catches

Surface Bolts, Door Guards, Latches and Catches

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Ives Door Accessory Hardware
11819 N. Pennsylvania Street
Carmel, IN 46032
Tel: (888) 925-2171



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Surface Bolts, Door Guards, Latches and Catches

Multiple latches, catches, guards and bolts assure that a door will stay closed when it is not in use.

Ives has multiple latches, guards, catches and bolts that assure a door will stay closed when not in use. These accessories will not keep a door secure and are not meant for security applications; they only help keep a door closed.

Ives offers surface bolts, door guards, roller latches, angle stops and other miscellaneous latches and catches to provide an additional security level.

Features & Benefits

  • Various latches, catches and bolts cover multiple applications
  • Available in brass, steel or cast aluminum
  • Latches, catches and bolts come in multiple finishes


  • Surface bolts:
    • Mounted to the door surface
    • Provide an extra security on the inactive leaf of a pair of double doors
    • Industrial heavy-duty surface bolts and decorative, or Dutch, door bolts provide aesthetics for doorways less abused
  • Door guards:
    • Available with a chain or solid bar
    • Door guards provide an extra layer of security and allows the door to be slightly opened
  • Angle stop:
    • Designed as an extra level of security
    • The angle stop is mounted to the door and pivots to hug the fram
  • Latches/catches:
    • Various latches and catches are not designed to keep a door secure but hold light interior doors shut


Available in various finishes.

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