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Architectural Hinges

Architectural hinges are high-quality hinges offered in a variety of substrates, knuckles, bearings and styles.

Ives offers a variety of architectural hinges that will cover any need in residential and commercial applications while also exceeding code requirements. It is important to consider the door width, thickness, weight and clearance when choosing a hinge. With tested durability and consistent superior performance, Ives architectural hinges get the job done.

Features & Benefits

Variety of offering

  • Offered in brass, steel and stainless steel base materials to meet code requirements
  • Wide selection that can meet unique budget, application or style needs
  • With each hinge, additional options are available for safety, security and electrification needs

Quality and convenience

  • Hinges tested for cycles, weather and environment to ensure high performance
  • Large selection of finishes allows for consistent door hardware style and design
  • Packed with screws and fasteners

Exceeds industry standards

  • Certified to meet UL standards (3hr)

Selecting the Right Hinge

Determine the type of hinge

Consider how the door should open and the door and frame material to pick the correct hinge type.

  • Ives offers a wide variety of full mortise hinges that support various applications including swing clear, wide throw and electrified
  • Other types, such as half mortise, full surface, and half surface hinges, are available for order as engineered specials

Select the proper weight bearing structure

Consider the door width, door thickness, weight and the amount of traffic to determine the function that best meets the needed application.

  • Ives bearings are designed to meet BHMA Grade 1, 2, and 3 standards
  • Bearing types include:
    • Plain bearing: standard weight doors, low usage applications
    • Ball bearing: heavy doors, high usage applications
    • Concealed bearing: standard weight door, high usage application
    • Spring hinge: standard to moderate weight door, helps assure the door closes
  • BHMA Grade cycle requirements:
    • For Grade 1: 2,500,000 cycles-- Heavy Weight Ball & Concealed Bearing
    • For Grade 2: 1,500,000 cycles-- Standard Weight Ball & Concealed Bearing
    • For Grade 3: 350,000 cycles - Light Weight Plain Bearing

Determine the size of hinge

Consider the door width, door thickness, weight and clearance to determine hinge size.

  • Ives hinge sizes vary from 3-1/2” x 3-1/2” to 6” x 8”
  • For help determining the size needed,

Determine hinge substrate

Selecting the right hinge base substrate is key to preserving the life of the hinge. Consider the door application (fire rating) and environment in order to determine the correct base substrate.

  • Ives hinge substrates include Steel, Stainless Steel, and Brass

Determine any electrification options

  • If electrification hinges are needed, consider the wire options:
    • Through Wire - TW4 (4 wires) & TW8 (8 wires)
    • Monitor – MON
    • Through Wire with Monitor – TW4M & TW8M
    • Allegion Connect

Determine any specialty application options

Consider additional needs specific to the door usage, environment and location.

  • Ives hinges offers options like swing clear and wide throw
  • Security studs and fasteners, non-removable pin, hospital tip and rounded corners are also available


  • Designed with three or five knuckles for full mortise hinges to accommodate a variety of doors and frames
  • Bearing offerings include plain bearings, ball bearings, concealed bearings and spring hinge designs


  • Match any of the 21 available finishes with standard ANSI/BHMA listed finishes
  • Each hinge finish offering varies depending on the hinge design and material

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