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Beachrings2 Portable Beach Access

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Beachrings2 Portable Beach Access

Beachrings2 – a beach wheelchair alternative – is a portable, reusable, temporary boardwalk and access mat system. Beachrings2 can be used for flooring and walkways on many different outdoor surfaces including sand, mud, grass, shallow snow, and loose gravel.

  • Less expensive than Beach Wheelchair
  • High Wear Resistance
  • Flexibility in Cold Temperatures
  • Longer Lasting Color with UV Protection
  • Light Weight
  • Portable
  • Protects Fragile Environments
  • Cooler walking surface than surrounding sand
  • Inert to common chemicals, organic matter, and micro-organisms
  • Beach Access for Wheelchairs
  • Beach Weddings
  • Temporary Vehicle Access
  • Pedestrian Traffic Flow Control
  • Access over Sand and Mud
  • Access over Shallow Snow and Grass
  • Portable Flooring
  • Voting Booth/Precinct Access
  • Temporary Patio or Deck
  • Festival and Display Flooring
  • Temporary Walkway

Beachrings2 provides an attractive, comfortable, and slip resistant surface for people walking barefoot, in shoes (even high heels!), and assisted by walkers or crutches; and for vehicles, including wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles (emergency and law enforcement). Beachrings2’s standard bright Colorado Sky Blue color makes your access path visible and inviting to users. Gray and Tan colors are also available.
Since 1986, the patented Beachrings2 System has provided access over sand surfaces to all individuals, including the disabled. The new
Beachrings2 System is manufactured using injection molding for precise size, color, porosity, lighter weight, and lower cost. Rings, ribs, and solid sheet confine sand and prevent it from shifting away under the weight of people, wheelchairs, etc. Sand provides support; a strong plastic surface, which conforms to the ground, provides durability and traction. Our rolls provide a boardwalk wide enough for one or two wheelchairs or a platform for special events.

Less expensive than beach access wheelchairs (beach wheelchairs), Beachrings2 can be a great alternative. View our comparison paper here.

01 53 16 Temporary Decking

Although not usually found in construction documents, Beachrings2 can be listed in the Construction Specifiers Master Spec Format in Section 01 53 16 Temporary Decking.


40 cm x 40 cm units (15.75 inches by 15.75 inches). See pre-assembled model sizes or Design Details for more information. Colorado Sky Blue,Tan, and Gray are the available standard colors.

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