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Door Mounted Presence Sensor - Quadscan

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Quadscan - Sensors

Door Mounted Presence Sensor - Quadscan

The Quadscan is a fully monitored*, standalone, door-mounted sensing system that can be adjusted into compliance with current ANSI standards.

  • Quadscan I has approximately twice the coverage area of the SuperScan I and approximately the same effective coverage area as the SuperScan II.
  • Installation and set up require no remote control and is accomplished by pressing the set up button provided on the Quadscan module.
  • Angular tilt adjustment is accomplished by the turn of a screw without removing the module from the housing.
  • Ease of installation is facilitated by use of plug-in connectors.
  • Reduces inventory by stocking only one type of module.

* External monitoring requries a monitoring capable door control

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