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Mounting Hardware - Magnetic Locks

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Mounting Hardware - Magnetic Locks

Mounting Hardware - Magnetic Locks

Pre-Drilled & Tapped Header Plate


Used in lieu of angle brackets, the Universal Header Bracket provides a faster mounting solution, saving time and labor costs for several EmLock models. Reduce potential for mis-sized and misaligned mounting holes, broken taps, removal of broken taps. Combined with interlocking E-Z mount assembly, save up to a half days labor with the installation of 12 locks.

  • Solid 1" bar provides higher security and superior aesthetics.
  • Machined wire chase provides concealed and secure wiring
  • Multiple pre-drilled and tapped mounting holes to accommodate the use of several different locks on either 4" or 4.5" aluminum frames
Spacer Plate for Concrete Filled Metal Frames Aluminum Frame with Blade StopApplication
  • Aluminum frames with blade stop - lowers EmLock below blade stop
  • Concrete filled hollow metal frames provides multiple points for concealed wire entry
  • Pre-drilled and tapped specifically for 1511, 1571, 1581 EmLock
  • Machined wire chase provides multiple points for concealed wire entry from concrete filled frames.
  • 628 Aluminum Anodized
Armature Mounting PlateApplication

The AR Mounting plate provides a solution for mounting the EMLock® armature to the top rail of herculite, aluminum and glass, wood and hollow metal doors that do not permit the use of thru bolts .

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