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Modular Consoles - Sensors

Modular Consoles For Manual Control And Status monitoring - Modular Consoles - Consoles

The IDC TCC and RCC Series of Control Consoles provide a flexible, economical method of centrally supervising and controlling multiple openings within a facility. Available in several configurations, the TCC and RCC Consoles allow monitoring of door and lock status, as well as control of electromagnetic EMLocks, Bolt Locks, Electrified Mortise Locks, Shear Locks, Delayed Egress Systems, Electric Exit Devices and Electric Strikes. The modular design of the console allows for the selection of the specific functions required by simply selecting panels with the desired status and control features.

Desk top, rack mount, and cabinet mount consoles are available to meet specific user needs. From a small nurse’s station to a centralized facility management guard post, the TCC/RCC Series can be configured to meet the operational requirements of the end user. Easy to understand visual indicators and control switches eliminate operator confusion, and simplify door supervision and con- trol. Built-in Key lock may be used for Console On/Off or Console Lockout (UR4 req’d). The Key lock ensures that only authorized personnel can operate the console. The dual console interface feature allows two consoles control of a shared opening.

  • Modular design minimizes initial investment while allowing for future growth.
  • Choice of Momentary (MO), Maintained (MA or Three Position (MO/ None/MA, MO/None/MO) switches accommodates all lock and control functions.
  • Tri-color LED (Red, Green and Amber) indicators provide for immediate status indication of door position, lock status, tampering or other monitored functions.
  • Local audible alarm alerts operating personnel to console status changes.
  • Optional latching feature (UR-4 req'd ensures that all violations are identified. Violation indication remains until manually reset.
  • Heavy duty rocker-style switches pro- vide an aesthetically pleasing appearance and high operational reliability.
  • When the console key lockout switch (UR4 required) is activated, all indi - vidual door openings maintain their locked or unlocked status.
  • Dual Console Interface - Multiple consoles can be used to control a shared opening. For example, a secondary day time only console station and a master console located at a central station can control a common door opening. (Additional equipment re- quired)
  • Various console mounting arrange - ments are available to accommodate all end user applications.
  • Combine IDC models TCC or RCC consoles with the series 600 Power Supplies and UR4 universal relay processor for a complete system with customized monitoring and control

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