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Safety For Automatic Doors - Microcell

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Microcell Safety Beams - Sensors

Safety For Automatic Doors - Microcell

Infrared barrier composed by an emitter and a receiver in cylindrical heads

The small-sized infrared beams that can be discreetly fitted into the profiles of single or double doors and which can also be used for specific applications (railways, security entrances, etc.).


The Microcell range is designed for the safety of pedestrian doors and is featured by a flexibility and an easiness for universal installations :

  • Reduced size for easy fittings in most of door profiles
  • Enables a mounting very close to the floor (20 cm - 40 cm), as well as an important range (5 m - 10 m) and can be lightly out of alignment
  • Protected against short time wrong connections and immuned to the ambient light (sunlight or artificial lighting)
  • Totally immune to interference and complies with the European standards 89/336/EEC
  • Microcell Two complies with ESC standards, and with the French
  • Ministerial Order on automatic doors in the workplace
  • Microcell Three complies with the German directive ZH 1/494 on
  • Windows and doors activated by external energy sources
  • Plug supplied with a special sleeve that prevents from moisture problems

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