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Touchless Technology Activation Sensors-MS08 Series-Magic Switch

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MS08 Series Push Plates

Touchless Technology Activation Sensors-MS08 Series-Magic Switch

The MS08 utilizes microwave technology and the Doppler Radar effect. This Doppler Radar effect emits a signal that, when reflected by a moving object (i.e. a hand, cart, wheelchair, etc.), activates the door. This touchless feature greatly reduces the spread of bacteria commonly found on push plates requiring a physical touch for activation.


  • Touchless technology is ideal for use in sterile environments (i.e. clean-rooms, healthcare facilities, food processing plants)
  • Can be hidden from view by installing the microwave sensor behind non-metallic surfaces (i.e. mounted behind drywall)
  • Variable adjustment of detection zone from 4 to 24 inches
  • Water-resistant foam gasket provides increased reliability when exposed to water or cleaning products
  • Low profile, beveled design reduces accidental damage


  • Sterile environments (clean-rooms, operating rooms, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Healthcare facilities (hospitals, assisted living, eldercare, etc.)
  • Food processing plants (reduces cross-contamination)
  • Architectural specific applications (low-profile requirement

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