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Safety Sensor For Industrial Doors - LZR®-i30 - Laser Scanner

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LZR-i30 - Sensors

Safety Sensor For Industrial Doors - LZR®-i30 - Laser Scanner

The LZR®-i30, works according to the principle of time of flight. It emits a light impulse and measures the amount of time it takes to receive the impulse back. This accurate technology enables the sensor to scan 4 planes in the front of the door, which helps to significantly reduce hazards within the door threshold and surrounding area.

  • Cat.2/PL “C” high performance safety solution certified by TÜV for industrial doors
  • High level of safety with a three–dimensional, complete presence detection area in front of the door
  • Detects objects as small as 2 in.
  • Alternative solution to contact edges, light beams, light curtains or any other safety solution
  • Option of creating up to 2 virtual push buttons
  • Reduces the possibility of collision/tampering damage due to the overhead mounting position
  • Easy installatio

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