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FS23M Dual Failsafe Spacesaver®-Bolt Locks

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FS23M Spacesaver - Flush Bolts & Coordinators

FS23M Dual Failsafe Spacesaver®-Bolt Locks

Dual Failsafe

The FS23M dual failsafe feature is available only from IDC. Conventional failsafe locking bolts rely solely on a spring to retract the bolt while the FS23M bolt will unlock with or without the assistance of the spring. This is the only electric bolt lock listed by the California State Fire Marshal for locking of perimeter entrance and emergency exit doors after-hours.

Large repelling magnets are located within the bolt and strike. When power is interrupted the bolt is retracted and held back by a spring. Should the spring fail, repelling magnets eject the bolt from the strike, unlocking the door.

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