International Door Closers Inc. -200 Series - Concealed Closers


Overhead Concealed Closer – 200 Series – Handicap & Standard

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200 Series - Concealed Closers

Overhead Concealed Closer – 200 Series – Handicap & Standard

  • Underwriters’ Laboratories Inc. Listed - units without built-in hold-open
  • CENTER HUNG DOORS: Double or Single Acting (Door stop applied to frame renders unit Single Acting). Adjustable “S” type side loading or “A” type, “K” type and “PT” type end loading top arms are available for center pivoted applications.
  • OFFSET HUNG DOORS: Single Acting. Offset “JO” and “VO” type top arms are available for butt hinge or offset pivot applications.
  • Built-in positive back stop and hold-open positions available:
    • 105° Back Stop with Hold-Open
    • 105° Back Stop - no Hold-Open
    • 90° Back Stop with Hold-Open
    • 90° Back Stop - no Hold-Open
  • ADA (Handicap) spring tensions available for use on center pivoted applications:
    • 5 lb. opening force (Interior door)
    • 8-1/2 lb. opening force (Exterior door)
  • Standard spring tensions available:
    • LIGHT
    • MEDIUM
    • HEAVY
  • Two speed control Valves: Closing and Latching speeds controlled by separate regulating valves, fully adjustable after installation.
  • Adjustable 3010-DP dual purpose radial ball-bearing bottom pivot sets are provided for floor or threshold mounted (side or end loading) center pivoted installation. 3010-G and 3010-GE bottom pivot sets are available, but must be ordered separately.
  • Fits in an aluminum header or transom bar as small as 1-3/4” x 4”.
  • Positive centering for alignment and to hold door closed against any normal wind or draft.
  • Stable hydraulic door check fluid for any climatic operation and constant lubrication.

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