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Exit Check® Delayed Egress Locks - Delayed Egress Lock

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1511S DE - Magnetic Locks

Exit Check® Delayed Egress Locks - Delayed Egress Lock

  • Voice and digital display provides informative annunciation for people without prior knowledge, including the blind and hearing impaired
  • Field selectable voice & tone or tone only
  • Voice provides warning or safety message, countdown and time of door release
  • Digital countdown display also indicates if door was open after lock release.
  • Fixed 15 second delay or selectable 15 or 30 second exit delay

Airport & Public Facility Security & Safety
Control pedestrian traffic in government, public facilities and transportation facilities, including airport jetways and tarmacs.

Loss Prevention
Provide theft protection of merchandise, technology and other valuables such as, art and museum artifacts .

Wandering Patient and Infant Protection
Restrict the egress of psychiatric and drug rehab patients, elderly patients in assisted living facilities and restrict the movement of nursery infants for their own safety and security.

Typically used on exit doors, when unauthorized egress is initiated when in the locked mode, the IDC Exit Check® delays egress through the door for 15 or 30 seconds. Meanwhile, the person exiting must wait while personnel or security respond. The door unlocks after 15 seconds have elapsed, permitting egress. A signal from the fire life safety system will release the lock for uninhibited egress in an emergency. 30 second delay available where approved.

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