Intermatic Inc. -LM2-O-120 LightMaster™ Control System

LM2-O-120 LightMaster™ Control System

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LM2-O-120 LightMaster™ Control System

The LightMaster™ Control System operates on ambient light-level sensing. When natural light is available, the LightMaster™ will allow for this to be used, saving energy costs, and ensuring the right amount of light is available. LightMaster™ is an affordable alternative to expensive or unreliable lighting controls and a cost-effective solution for providing additional light level control beyond the typical timer or photocontrol. It can be added to an existing timer. LightMaster™ offers true dusk-to-dawn operation and can achieve additional energy savings by adjusting light levels throughout the day or night. Additionally, it offers an affordable solution for daylight harvesting. The LightMaster™ features a delay setting to avoid nuisance ON/OFF switching of lighting during intermittent environmental changes, such as clouds, lightning, or headlights. The LightMaster™ is essential where activities are impacted by changing and inadequate light levels. throughout the day. It will turn lighting ON during inclement weather and OFF when normal light levels resume. The LightMaster™ is more reliable than photocontrols and can provide savings on maintenance costs over time.


  • Security Lighting
  • Atriums
  • Awnings
  • Site Lighting
  • Industrial Yard Lighting
  • Perimeter Lighting
  • Signage
  • Interior/Exterior Lighting

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  • 2-circuit control unit

  • One sensor controls both circuits

  • One sensor can provide a signal for up to 10 LightMaster™ control modules

  • Independent light-level and time delay adjustments for each circuit

  • Type 3R rainproof enclosure


Number of Circuits
Operating Temperature Max (F)
1-year limited
Maximum Power Consumption (VA)
Operating Temperature Min (°C)
Operating Temperature Max (°C)
Operating Temperature Min (F)