Intermatic Inc. -ET2805CP 7-Day/365 Day Astronomic Basic Plus Electronic Control

ET2805CP 7-Day/365 Day Astronomic Basic Plus Electronic Control

Category:process controls | process controls and instrumentation | process instrumentation

MasterFormat: Instrumentation and Control for Electrical Systems | Process Control and Enterprise Management Systems | Instrumentation for Process Systems

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ET2805CP 7-Day/365 Day Astronomic Basic Plus Electronic Control

The ET2000 Series offers an easy-to-use user interface while still allowing to-the-minute scheduling capabilities for nearly any application. This series provides 50 holiday blocks with independent scheduling to ensure the loads are always in the proper ON/OFF state. This series also includes 96 ON/OFF events for even the most demanding schedules. The scheduling capabilities, configurable outputs, and a 100-hour backup without the need of batteries, make this series ideal for nearly any application.


  • Interior Lighting
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Electric Pumps
  • Electric Motor Control
  • Various Other Electrical Loads

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  • 100-hour supercapacitor eliminates the need for batteries

  • Up to 96 set points or events

  • Up to 50 holiday blocks with schedule capabilities

  • Automatic input voltage selection from 120 to 277 VAC, 60 Hz

  • Additional mode of operation turns the ON/OFF buttons into 2-hour overrides

  • Configurable outputs allow the control of various voltages and applications

  • Relays incorporate zero-crossing technology to extend the life of the control

  • Non-volatile EEPROM memory protects programming indefinitely

  • LED compatible

  • USB port makes transferring and saving of schedules easy

  • 2-year limited warranty


Input Voltages Display
120-277 VAC, 60 Hz
Number of Circuits
Operating Temperature Max (°C)
Maximum ON/OFF Operations
Operation Features
Astronomic, Holiday
Operating Temperature Max (F)
Maximum ON/OFF Times
Operation Mode
Operating Temperature Min (°C)
Minimum ON/OFF Times
1 min
Resistive (NO)
20 A, 28 VDC, 60 Hz
30 A, 120-240 VAC, 60 Hz
Operating Temperature Min (F)
Backup Protection Time
100 Hour
Inductive (NO)
30 A, 120-240 VAC, 60 Hz
Enclosure Type
Indoor/Outdoor Type 3 Plastic with See-Through Door
Backup Restoration Time
30 Minutes
Magnetic Ballast (NO)
20 A, 120-277 VAC, 60 Hz
Product Height (mm)
Backup Type
Tungsten (NO)
5 A, 120-277 VAC, 60 Hz
Product Width (mm)
Switch Type
Motor (NO)
1 HP, 120 VAC, 60 Hz
2 HP, 240 VAC, 60 Hz
Product Depth (mm)