Hubbell Water Heaters -Model E, SH & H ASME and Non ASME Storage Vessels

The Hubbell Storage Vessel incorporates a number of features not found in other conventional tanks which makes it better suited to resist the highly corrosive effects of hot water.

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Hubbell Water Heaters
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Model E, SH & H ASME and Non ASME Storage Vessels

The Hubbell Storage Vessel incorporates a number of features not found in other conventional tanks which makes it better suited to resist the highly corrosive effects of hot water. Hubbell can build a storage tank to suit any demand, water type or area classification is a superior storage vessel which utlizes a specially formulated Hydrastone cement lining, Non-Ferrous threaded tank openings all of which ensure a longer lasting and energy efficient water heater.
When you specify and install a Hubbell Storage Tank, you will have confidence in knowing that the owner will be provided with a long lasting, trouble-free water heater.

Heavy Duty Construction
  • Hydrastone cement lining provides long tank life
  • Copper-silicon tappings cannot rust or corrode
  • High impact composite jacket eliminates damage during installation and transit and cannot rust or corrode
High Efficiency
  • 2" thick insulation reduces heat loss
  • Built-in heat trap lowers operating costs
  • Full range of sizes, vessel construction and optional features to meet your exact water heating needs
  • Extra tappings & locations customized to your needs
  • Full five (5) year Non Pro-rated tank warranty is standard
  • Full ten (10) year Non Pro-rated tank warranty can be specified for extended protection

General Specifications (Non-ASME)

The Hubbell tank is all welded heavy steel construction designed for 150 psi working pressure and tested to 300 psi. Each tank is centrifugally lined with 1/2" thick seamless high density Hydrastone cement with guaranteed 100% coverage of all steel surfaces. All tank openings are non-ferrous metals and are resistant to the corrosive effects of hot water.


3/4" combination cold water inlet and drain, with non-corrosive strata flow diffuser which prevents incoming cold water from mixing too rapidly with the hot water in the tank and assures delivery of more hot water - not lukewarm water. A 3/4" hot water outlet with a uniquely designed built-in heat trap prevents heated water from radiating through the piping during standby periods.


Highly efficient thick polyurethane foam insulation meets or exceed the requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1-2007 standards for energy efficiency and heat loss.


The exterior protective jacket is constructed from high impact composite material which cannot rust or corrode and does not require painting.

General Specifications (ASME)
Vessel Construction
  1. All welded carbon steel vessel designed and built in strict accordance with the ASME Code Section VIII and stamped, certified and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors
  2. All internal tank surfaces are lined with a minimum of 5/8" thick Hydrastone cement for superior protection and tank longevity
  3. Designed for 125 psi working pressure and hydrostatically tested at 188 psi (1 1/2 times the WP)
  1. Heavy duty 2" thick fiberglass blanket insulation covers 100% of the pressure vessel for maximum operating efficiency and minimal standby heat loss
  2. Heavy gauge galvanized steel protective jacket with both top and bottom heads keep insulation in place and protected to ensure high efficiency during operation
  3. Entire vessel is supported on heavy duty integrally welded steel supports for sturdy floor mounting
  4. Full five (5) year Non Pro-Rated tank warranty and one (1) year electrical component warranty
  5. Bronze ASME rated combination temperature and pressure safety relief valve set at the vessel working pressure and 210°F

Optional Equipment
  • Steel wall shelf for 6 thru 40 gallon models
  • Combination temperature and pressure guage: 2.5" dial, 70-250°F, 0-200 psi - specify if installed in tank or shipped loose for in line installation
  • Alternate inlet and outlet water connections
  • Solid (Copper-Alloy, Type 304L, Type 316L stainless steel) storage tank for maximum tank life
  • Full 10 Year Non Pro-Rated tank warranty
  • Integrally welded seismic attachment points
  • ASME tank construction
  • Horizontal construction available
  • Foam insulation 3" thick for improved operating efficiency
  • Skid mounting on heavy duty all welded I Beam
  • Type 304 stainless steel protective jacket, specify if painted
  • Field removable (knocked-down) outer jacket
  • Alternate insulation system
  • Manway 12" x 16" size
  • Inspection opening 3" NPT size
  • Heat Treatment od S.S. Vessel

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Model E Water Heater Specifications
Tank: Hydrastone Cement Lined Steel
Capacities: 6 thru 5000 Gallons
Orientation: Vertical and Horizontal
Inlet Size: 1 1/2" Female NPT
Outlet Size: 1 1/2" Male NPT
Drain Size: 1 1/2" GHT
Relief Valve Size: 1 1/2" Female NPT
Relief Valve Type: T&P, 210°F, 150 psi
Design WP: 150 psi
Design TP: 300 psi
Model E: 2" Polyurethane Foam
Model M: 3" Polyurethane Foam
Tank Warranty:
Standard: 5 Year Non Pro-Rated
Optional: 10 Year Non Pro-Rated
Jacket: High Impact Colorized Composite or Other
Finish: White and Black
Outline Dimensions (Non-ASME)
Storage Capacity (Gallons)Base Model NumberDimensions (Inches)Dimensions (Inches)Dimensions (Inches)Dimensions (Inches)Dimensions (Inches)Shipping Weight (lbs.)
Storage Capacity (Gallons)Base Model NumberModel E Overall DiameterModel M Overall DiameterOverall HeightFloor to Inlet "A"Floor to T&P "B"Shipping Weight (lbs.)
Model SH (Vertical)
Actual Storage Capacity (Gallons) Overall Dimensions (Inches) Overall Dimensions (Inches) Overall Dimensions (Inches) Overall Dimensions (Inches) Overall Dimensions (Inches) Storage Tank Nominal Storage Capacity (Gallons) Inlet Outlet Sizing (NPT) Approx. Shipping Weight (Lbs.)
Actual Storage Capacity (Gallons) Vertical Vertical Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Storage Tank Nominal Storage Capacity (Gallons) Inlet Outlet Sizing (NPT) Approx. Shipping Weight (Lbs.)
Actual Storage Capacity (Gallons) Diameter "A" Height "B" Length "C" Width "D" Height "E" Diameter x Length Nominal Storage Capacity (Gallons) Inlet Outlet Sizing (NPT) Approx. Shipping Weight (Lbs.)
80*285551283424 x 44901.5700
120*287571283424 x 631401.5900
150*307975303626 x 681701.51100
175347367344030 x 63 1951.51500
200348276344030 x 722201.51700
225348983344030 x 792451.51750
250407468404636 x 642851.51850
275408074404636 x 703101.52000
300408882404636 x 783451.52180
325409286404636 x 823601.52300
350409488404636 x 843701.52500
375468175465242 x 714251.52600
400468579465242 x 754501.52700
425468882465242 x 784701.52900
450469387465242 x 835001.53000
475527973525848 x 6954023100
500528276525848 x 7256523225
525528579525848 x 7559023350
550528983525848 x 7962023400
575529387525848 x 8365023500
600529589525848 x 8566523650
70052107101525848 x 9775524000
80052119113525848 x 10985024300
90052132126525848 x 12294024800
100052145139525848 x 135106025200
125058149143586454 x 139138025600
150058174168586454 x 164162526000
175064168162647060 x 158193537400
200064185179647060 x 175214538100
250076169163768272 x 159280038200
300076197191768272 x 187330038300
350088174168889484 x 16439356 FLG.8900
400088195189889484 x 18544406 FLG.9800
4500N/AN/A1789410096 x 16050156 FLG.10700
5000N/AN/A2009410096 x 17554856 FLG.11600
Model H (Horizontal)