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System Description For projects that require a continuous, sleek architectural design and finish. Components Applications Interna-Rail ® and Speed-Rail ® can also be used with 2 & 3-Line horizontal rails in waste water treatment plants, OSHA applications, and infill panels (glass, composite,...

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Interna-Rail® Decorative Metal Railings

Interna-Rail® Decorative Metal Railings

System Description

For projects that require a continuous, sleek architectural design and finish.

  • Appearance – Design of Interna-Rail® combines the clean look of welded rail with all the benefits of a mechanical system. Interna-Rail® uses 1-1/2" IPS, Schedule 40 and 80 aluminum pipe.
  • Strength – Interna-Rail® decorative metal handrail systems can be designed to meet any building code. Please refer to the Technical Section of our Full-Line Catalog, visit www.hollaender.com or call our engineers for additional code-compliance information.
  • Corrosion Resistance – All Interna-Rail® aluminum fittings are supplied with a M12-C22-A41 (Architectural Class 1) anodized finish which provides an additional resistance to corrosion and staining. The hardware supplied with the product is stainless steel and anodized aluminum.
  • Durability – The double tang set screw activated design provides a virtually maintenance-free system which is inherently longer lasting than those which utilize adhesives and pop-rivets.

Interna-Rail® Decorative Metal Railings


  1. Choice of infill panels, panel clips, and mounting systems
  2. End cap fits flush with fittings for a smooth appearance
  3. Fittings are supplied with all necessary modifications and hardware according to the configuration needed
  4. Socket head cap screw connects fitting to the installed tubular rivet with a hex wrench
  5. Knurled stainless steel set screws spread the fitting tangs apart while connecting the fitting and horizontal pipe
  6. Tubular rivet provides maximum thread engagement for a secure vertical post to fitting connection

Interna-Rail® Decorative Metal Railings


Interna-Rail® and Speed-Rail® can also be used with 2 & 3-Line horizontal rails in waste water treatment plants, OSHA applications, and infill panels (glass, composite, picket, wire mesh, or perforated).


Choice of mill, anodized, or powder coat.

Standard anodizing is clear with a medium matte finish. A wide array of powder coat finishes are available.

Custom colors are provided on a per request basis. Lead time, quantity requirement, etc... will be determined at time of quote. Minimum spec for powder coat is AAMA 2603.

System and Installation Details

Interna-Rail® can be installed on concrete, wood or steel structures. We offer a variety of base flange designs that comply with model code requirements for structural performance and integrity.

See the CAD LIBRARY portion of this Profile for an overview of the Interna-Rail® system and typical installation details. Contact Hollaender for assistance in developing details for your specific project.


Toeplate, toeplate brackets, handrail brackets, wall return bends, end loops, tangent bends, infill panel mounting clips, and Riv-sert tools.

Code Compliance

Interna-Rail® meets or exceeds the strength and penetration requirements of IBC, O.S.H.A, BOCA® , SBC, & UBC building codes.


See the 3-PART SPECIFICATION portion of this Profile for our ready-to-edit architectural specification.

Use the following "guide spec" for simple projects:

How to Specify Hollaender® Interna-Rail® Mechanical Handrail Systems:

The pipe handrail/guardrail shall be constructed with mechanically fastened, flush-fit Interna-Rail® aluminum or stainless steel fitting system as regularly manufactured by The Hollaender Manufacturing Company, 10285 Wayne Avenue, Box 156399, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215-6399.

The fitting shall be externally connected to the pipe by means of an anodized aluminum, tubular rivet nut, and an austenitic 302 alloy stainless steel, socket head cap screw with a stainless steel lock washer. The fitting shall be internally connected to the pipe by means of an internal double tang, expanded by an austenitic 302 alloy stainless steel, internal/external, reverse knurl, cup point, hexagon socket set screw. Pop rivets, sheet metal screws, and adhesives shall not be an acceptable fastening method.

The fittings shall be machined of solid aluminum bar stock of alloy 6063-T6 conforming to ASTM B221, or austenitic stainless steel bar stock of 303 alloy conforming to ASTM A582, or machined castings of high tensile aluminum-magnesium alloy 535.0 manufactured in compliance with ASTM B26, cast from high-purity ingot 535.2 conforming to ASTM B179. Flanges (if required) shall be sand cast from high-tensile aluminum- magnesium alloy 535.0, and fastened directly to the pipe by means of an internal/external, reverse knurl, cup point, hexagon socket set screw (flanges which include a bearing plate will not be accepted). Aluminum fittings with an anodized finish shall be clear satin anodized with a 0.7 mil thickness that meets the Aluminum Association specification of AAM10C22A41.

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