Guldmann Inc. - Sit-On Comfort – Kids - ABC Slings - Kids

Sit-On Comfort – Kids - ABC Slings - Kids

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Sit-On Comfort – Kids - ABC Slings - Kids

Model Number: Sit-On Comfort – Kids


Supports the thighbone and back. The user sits on the sling. The design of the sling prevents the thighbone from an invert rotation when hoisting. Added comfort due to the Spacer material.

Suitable for

Kids who remain on the sling for long periods due to customized wheelchair, or need hoisting regularly.

Other features
  • Helps reduce the risk of sliding out of wheelchair
  • Material prevents heat generation between body and sling
  • Sling is fitted on the child while lying, but is used when lifting to and from a seated position in bedor wheelchair.

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