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GH3 Twin Lifting Module

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GH3 Twin Lifting Module

Professional lifting and moving

The GH3 ceiling lift system is a state-of-the-art system for dealing with the full spectrum of demanding lifting and moving needs encountered in professional care environments.

This system has the big advantage that it is always ready for use the lifting modules recharge while mounted on the rail. These lifting modules move near-silently using only a minimum of current. Transitions between rail sections are virtually unnoticeable, for maximum comfort.

Advanced digital systems provide numerous additional functionalities, including an integrated weighing system, service management and documentation for use.

All these capabilities combine to make the GH3 ceiling lift system the most cost-effective solution currently available for heavy-duty use in any professional care environment.

Can be used throughout

GH3 rails can be mounted on ceilings, walls or supporting pillars, with unsupported spans of up to 8 metres. Interconnecting elements make it easy to configure rail set-ups for virtually any building, space or requirements.

The discreet, modern design can be made to blend into any style of architecture, interior or décor either in new structures or as a retrofit.

GH3 lifting modules can lift users weighing up to 350 kg with one lifting strap and 500 kg with two straps. Lifting speeds are up to 60 mm/sec.

Heavy Duty ceiling lift with double lifting strap.

Lifting capacity 550 – 1100 lbs.

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