Guardian Glass -SatinDeco® Silky-Smooth Acid-Etched Glass


SatinDeco acid-etched glass from Guardian has a translucent appearance with a silky-smooth finish. Guardian’s proprietary continuous acid-etch process creates a uniform finish.

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MasterFormat: Door Louvers and Vision Lights | Entrances, Storefronts, and Curtain Walls | Curtain Wall and Glazed Assemblies...

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SatinDeco® Silky-Smooth Acid-Etched Glass

SatinDeco acid-etched glass from Guardian has a translucent appearance with a silky-smooth finish. Guardian’s proprietary continuous acid-etch process creates a uniform finish.

SatinDeco can be combined with many SunGuard products, including the following, to give you a wide range of design and performance options:
SN 68 on clear w/SatinDeco
SN 68 on green w/SatinDeco
SN 68 on CrystalGray w/SatinDeco
SN 54 on clear w/SatinDeco
SN 54 on green w/SatinDeco
SN 54 on CrystalGray w/SatinDeco

SatinDeco can be used in both vision and spandrel applications. When used as a #4 surface, SatinDeco provides a silky feel and translucent appearance while diffusing the glare of internal lighting.

SatinDeco can be cut, beveled, bent, heat-treated, painted, laminated or assembled in double glazing.

SatinDeco diffuses light to provide privacy and reduced glare for exterior applications. SatinDeco’s high light transmission and translucent appearance provides maximum daylighting while obscuring vision. Architects can specify as double glazing for exterior facades, railing and door systems, and other architectural uses.

SatinDeco can be used for a wide range of interior applications, such as railings, partition walls, doors, furniture, skylights, counters, shelving and showers. Its extra-fine appearance resists stains, making it easy to maintain. SatinDeco retains its elegance and ease of care over time.

There are six SatinDeco varieties:

  • SatinDeco has a translucent appearance with a silky-smooth finish that has numerous applications.
  • SatinDeco Low Iron increases light transmission and color neutrality while reducing the greenish tint of standard glass. It’s perfect for spaces and applications where sparkling clarity is desired, such as painted or fritted applications.
  • SatinDeco Lami provides the safety of laminated glass in a wide variety of colors as well as sound control in noisy environments. One or both sides can be laminated with SatinDeco depending on the desired visual preference.
  • SatinDeco Mirror provides a translucent mirror finish in thicknesses of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm. Visually pleasing for backsplashes, counters, furniture and wall systems. This effect can be enhanced through direct or indirect lighting, providing a soft, diffused reflection. When used with low-iron glass, the image appears brighter and more alive.
  • SatinDeco Double provides a silky smooth appearance on both sides, as well as increased opacity. Great for door and wall systems where aesthetic, privacy, light transmission and glare reduction are important without the expense of lamination.
  • ShowerGuard SatinDeco provides privacy to all-glass showers with added protection against corrosion and discoloration. It adds elegance and design for any residential or commercial shower application where reduced maintenance and ease-of-cleaning are desired to save valuable time and money.

Manufactured with respect for the environment
The production of SatinDeco fully complies with current environmental legislation. In fact, Guardian’s SatinDeco plant was one of the first Spanish companies to receive an integrated environmental license as well as ISO 14001:2004 certification.

SatinDeco is manufactured in thicknesses of 3mm to 15mm and available single-side etched 96" x 130" and double-side etched 102" x 142". Please note that these sizes and thicknesses are for unfabricated stock sheets of SatinDeco. Cut sizes are available, please contact Guardian for more information. SunGuard Select Fabricators should be consulted for information on final sizes and glass makeups.

How to get SatinDeco
SatinDeco is available around the world and is fabricated locally by our network of independent SunGuard Select Fabricators to ensure quick response and shorter lead times.

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