Guardian Glass -InGlass® Reveal®


From public to private, with the flip of a switch

Guardian Reveal switchable privacy glass brings new versatility to interior and architectural designs.

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InGlass® Reveal®

From public to private, with the flip of a switch

Guardian Reveal switchable privacy glass brings new versatility to interior and architectural designs. Reveal switchable privacy glass helps transform interior walls and partitions into dynamic design elements that control light and privacy.

Reveal switchable privacy glass pairs high-quality Guardian float glass with state-of the-art liquid crystal technology. With the flip of a switch or other devices, clear views become private.

Magic in the moment

Delight building occupants and owners with the fast, on-demand transitions of Reveal switchable privacy glass. At once hard-working and elegant, Reveal switchable privacy glass can be controlled with a switch, motion detector, daylight sensor or another device.

Real-world value

Design to boost employee wellbeing and energy levels when you choose Reveal switchable privacy glass. Energy efficient and a powerful tool for daylighting, Reveal switchable privacy glass can help open up offices and illuminate rooms with natural light. UL-Listed components are designed to work with standard interfaces and are eligible for LEED® certification points.

How it works

Reveal switchable privacy glass uses a low-voltage electrical current to arrange liquid crystal molecules into a pattern that makes glass transparent when turned on. Turned off, the LC molecules revert to a random pattern, diffusing the light and causing the glass to become opaque.

Product Details

Must be installed by licensed electricians in accordance with all local codes and regulations

Suitable for wet and dry locations
Reveal must be sealed along all edges

65V AC with the use of a transformer
One transformer powers 72 square feet of film

5 mA/ft2 ~ ( 54 mA/m2)

Power consumption
Less than 0.5 watts/f2, equivalent to that of a clock radio
Uses no power when in opaque state (off)
The use of a timer is recommended, as Reveal must be powered off at least 4 hours per day to prevent permanent damage

18 gauge

Class 2 Transformer
Model #: LHA -666501000
UL File #: E249153
Input: 120V AC / 60HZ
Output: 65V AC / 60HZ

Clarity Approximately
75% light transmission when transparent, with only 5% light reduction when opaque
Haze (diffusion of light) is low at 7% when transparent

Maximum sheet size of 65 in x 144 in (1.65 m x 3.6 m)
Custom dimensions and shapes are available, including holes

Minimum thickness of entire unit is 7.35 mm

Operating temperature
Withstands temperatures from -10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)

UV transmittance
99% harmful UV rays blocked

Sound control STC (sound transmission class)
36-45 is considered good sound transmission control

Output wires
6 feet of wire standard
Other lengths available upon request

Bus bar placement
Encapsulated within laminated glass panel for safety
Placement can be customized
Design solutions should consider that the outer 0.25 inch perimeter of each panel will remain clear (can be covered by frame) to achieve UL listing
Edge of unit with bus bar requires a frame with 0.5 inch channel

Safety requirements
Supports safety glazing requirements as stated in ANSI Z97.1

Unit configuration can be customized to meet specific project requirement. Specifications will change based on final project unit design.


Office buildings
Dividers and partitions
Meeting rooms

Homes and apartments
Walls and partitions

Hotels, spas and restaurants
Guest rooms

Retail spaces
Display windows
Dressing rooms

Entertainment venues
Ticket windows
VIP boxes
Divider walls

Healthcare environments
Waiting areas
Reception windows
Consultation spaces

Industrial settings
Walls and partitions
Observation spaces

Museums and public buildings
Exhibit displays

Courthouses and legal offices
Private offices
Conference rooms
Waiting rooms

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