Green Umbrella -Shield & Enhance™ Hardener



Green Umbrella® Shield & Enhance™ is an environmentally formulated premium hardener.

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Shield & Enhance™ Hardener


Green Umbrella® Shield & Enhance™ is an environmentally formulated premium hardener. Shield & Enhance is engineered as a color-guard to enhance colored and profiled architectural concrete floors, providing a darker, clarified-gloss appearance. As a unique oxidation inhibitor, Shield & Enhance significantly increases a colorant’s lifecycle, extending colorfastness. Preventing concrete off-dusting, not contributing to alkali-silica reaction, and providing exceptional resistance to the damaging effects of water and salt with over ninety-percent chloride prevention. The addition of a chloride screen significantly protects concrete in applications where salt water and deicers are present. Shield & Enhance takes only one S.O.L.O.™ application and is packaged R.T.U.™, resisting and transforming for sustainable concrete.


Whether interior or exterior, vertical or horizontal, use Green Umbrella® products in:

Demanding applications like warehouse and distribution centers, food service facilities, parking decks and garages, hospitals, and similar structures

Decorative color applications like retail spaces and showrooms, restaurants, business offices, lobby areas, museums, municipalities, airports, hospitals, schools, fire stations, and most concrete surfaces

A Shield Defending Your Investment

Shield & Enhance™ is exceptionally resistant to the damaging effects of salt (chloride) and provides up to 91% concrete protection, exceeding NCHRP-244 protection standard requirements. Damage from salt on concrete surfaces requires billions of dollars each year to repair, replace, or refurbish. Shield & Enhance protects your investment and works to deny salt entry into concrete capillaries, protecting against surface and subsurface damage.

Shield Concrete Color and Repel Contaminants

Shield & Enhance utilizes advanced concrete treatment technology that couples a modern lithium densifier with a chemical formulation designed to resist salt and other contaminants from penetrating the concrete surface and damaging the architectural concrete subsurface.

Within the Green Umbrella® Max Defense™ system, Shield & Enhance provides ASTM-1308 protection against concrete and groundwater contaminants, such as aviation fluid. Using Shield & Enhance on architectural concrete floors receiving color enhancement will ensure the colorant will remain within the surface and not exit the concrete. It will protect what you have invested in and provide what you expect from your concrete-a durable, aesthetically pleasing surface impervious to nature.

Enhancement That Enriches

Transform any concrete color treatment-topical and integral-into a deep, vibrant, rich color by applying Shield & Enhance after color application. Shield & Enhance will darken the colorant or natural concrete substrate, giving an appearance that presents more depth and a richer, refined look.

When used within a profile, hone, and polish system, it is recommended that the application of Shield & Enhance be followed with the use of the GC-PolishPlus™ abrasive by Green Umbrella®.


  • S.O.L.O.™ application and R.T.U.™ treatment
  • Eliminate multiple applications needed with similar products
  • Alternative to laborious flooring solutions


  • 20-minute dwell time
  • Short dry time
  • 3 hours to traffic and abrasive cut


  • Epoxy alternative and optional product reduction
  • Extends the lifecycle of concrete
  • No VOCs
  • Superior chloride intrusion prevention
  • Enhances the appearance of dyed or pigmented floors
  • Repels water, oil, and shop chemicals while it darkens and enhances the natural beauty of concrete
  • Can be polished to semigloss
  • Breathable surface
  • Will not yellow
  • Increases hardness ¼ inch deep and reduces porosity
  • Requires no rinsing and disposal and will not gel on the surface
  • Can be allowed to air dry
  • Decreases black tire markings from lift trucks and equipment, improving the appearance
  • Stands up to heavy abrasion and foot traffic while providing excellent slip resistance
  • Resistant to most deicers
  • Prevents the scaling of concrete

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