Green Umbrella -HydroShield Concrete Densifier



Green Umbrella® HydroShield ™ is a hydrophobic concrete hardener and densifier reaching deep into the subsurface, creating more than a conventional shell surface.

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HydroShield Concrete Densifier


Green Umbrella® HydroShield™ is a hydrophobic concrete hardener and densifier reaching deep into the subsurface, creating more than a conventional shell surface. The unique formulation is resistant to surface moisture and breathable, insoluble, and fully reactive-resulting in a bond within the concrete that is stronger, denser, and less porous while repelling water. A clear, odorless solution with a natural appearance that is environmentally formulated to be a CrossOver™ densifier designed for application @EarlyAge™, @Profile&Polish™, or @MatureAge™ concrete. Unlike conventional hardeners, HydroShield is a single S.O.L.O™ application treatment that requires no scrubbing or mopping and is packaged R.T.U.™ HydroShield produces a substrate that will stain less and wear longer, reducing maintenance frequency and extending the concrete’s life cycle. Use of Green Umbrella Treatments save considerable time and expense while eliminating hazardous waste disposal concerns, significantly cutting the environmental impact.



Green Umbrella’s architectural concrete floors provide a solid, durable surface with versatile surface-design options such as aggregate exposure, surface appearance and color. Providing a more sustainable option by elimination of off-gassing, providing highly reflective surfaces if desired and the longest product lifecycle of conventional floors. Additional benefits are lowering lighting, heating, and cooling costs and reducing construction waste. Architectural concrete floors are also economical with reduced construction downtime, a lower initial and maintenance cost and provide an immediate value-engineered design. An element of DESIGN that is versatile, sustainable and economical”


Ideal for interior or exterior, vertical or horizontal in Demanding Applications; warehouse/distribution centers,
food service, parking decks, garages, hospitals, or similar & specifically for water-resistant Decorative Color Applications; retail spaces & showrooms, restaurants, offices, lobby areas, museums, municipalities, airports, hospitals, schools, fire stations, or most concrete surfaces.

Additional Features & Benefits for Early Age Concrete

  • Does Not Require Calcium Hydroxide Reaction, May Apply Same Day As Pour
  • No 7-28 Day Application Restriction, Less Downtime
  • Not A Desiccant, Will Not Damage Cure Of Surface

Additional Features & Benefits For Abrasively Polished Concrete

  • Designed For Wet Profile, Hone And Polish Process, No Slab Whitening
  • Combines With Nano Colorant, One Step Color Densifier
  • Special Formulation, Increased Concrete Colorant Retention
  • No Concrete Sweating After Application, Prevents Long Downtime For Slab Recovery
  • Deeply Subsurface, Is Not Cut Off During Profiling, Honing & Polishing Stages

Standards and Testing:

  • ASTM C779
  • ASTM C1583
  • ASTM 1308 With the Max Defense System
  • USDA Compliant
  • FDA Approved


  • Industry’s Most VERSATILE Cross-Over Densifier @EarlyAge @MatureAge @Profile&Polish
  • Insoluble, Product Permanence, Will Not Wash Out
  • Deepest Subsurface Penetration, 10X Deeper Than Conventional Hardness
  • Natural Silica Formulation, Environmentally Responsible
  • Unique Nano Technology, Superior Performance
  • Superior Stand-Alone Concrete Hardener, 2X Hardness of Conventional Hardeners
  • Prevents Dangerous Off-Dusting, Safer For Building Occupants
  • Resists penetration by many oils, chemicals and other stain-causing materials (Low viscosity high detergent and chlorinated oils require MaxDefense)
  • Ph Neutral, Non-Hazardous
  • 100 Percent Reactive, Creates More Than A Shell Surface
  • 100 Percent Absorb, Cuts Waste
  • Low Solids Formulation, Deeper Penetration
  • Reduces Porosity, Increased Life-Cycle
  • Creates A Breathable Surface, No Flake Or Peel
  • Natural Appearance, Reduces Cleaning Schedule
  • Requires No Rinsing & Disposal, Cuts Labor
  • Will Not Gel On Surface, No Swelling In Pores That Creates Craze Cracking
  • Simply Air Dry, Cuts Labor
  • Highly Abrasion-Resistant To Foot & Wheeled Traffic, Increases Life Cycle
  • SOLO Application & Brief Dwell Time, Cuts Downtime
  • Non-Sodium, Does Not Contribute To Alkali-Silica Reaction
  • No Efflorescence & Whitening Common With Conventional Floor Products, Cuts Downtime
  • No VOC’s, Environmentally Responsible
  • Non-Resinous Polymer Formulation, Prevents Yellowing & Tire-Marking
  • 2-3X Greater Coverage Rate Of Conventional Floor Products, Cuts Labor

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