Green Umbrella -GreenIce Cure & Cap Cure System


GreenIce Cure & Cap Concrete System

“Mountain-Like Protection”

Green Umbrella® GreenIce Cure & Cap™ System is an interior or exterior @EarlyAge integral concrete cure with a wear-guard.

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GreenIce Cure & Cap Cure System

GreenIce Cure & Cap Concrete System

“Mountain-Like Protection”

Green Umbrella® GreenIce Cure & Cap™ System is an interior or exterior @EarlyAge integral concrete cure with a wear-guard. This three-part system utilizes a cure IceStart™, during finishing and fixative, IceStop™, immediately after troweling. IceCap™ is a sub-topical sealer that crosslinks to the GreenIce Cure to preserve the architectural concrete finish by preventing deterioration or contaminant penetration. Additionally, IceCap™ gives a high-gloss to the refined concrete surface for improved reflectivity and aesthetic appeal. GreenIce Cure & Cap results in an unconventional, consolidated, and refined surface that promotes best concrete practice improving edges and ff/fl numbers. @Finishing it works as a finishing aide- yet provides a cured, mechanically and chemically densified floor with the appearance of polished concrete look, all at the day of placement-cutting construction downtime considerably. GreenIce Cure & Cap will protect your concrete during construction if you choose to schedule the polished concrete for a later stage, removing the need for expensive floor protection*. The GreenIce Cure & Cap System brings industry-leading hardness, density, abrasion resistance while retaining the maximum amount of moisture within the concrete during curing for an unconventional architectural concrete floor that gives rock-solid protection.

System Value Statement

GreenIce Cure & Cap System






GreenIce Concrete Cure & Cap

Why GreenIce Concrete Cure & Cap?

The GreenIce Cure System is a three-part patent-protected concrete curing solution designed to cure concrete faster, increase abrasion resistance and add a slip-resistant, high gloss finish that looks like ice!

IceStart™ is the first part of the two-part GreenIce Curing System™. IceStart™ is a unique curing agent designed to retain the water in the concrete, ensuring a properly cured and protected floor. IceStart™ is applied over the concrete during the troweling process.

IceStop™ is the second part of the GreenIce Curing System™. IceStop™ is applied after IceStart™ to create a protected and properly cured concrete slab.

After the floor is properly cured, IceStop™ increases the strength and longevity of the slab. Stop here or top it off with IceCap™ to add a beautiful high-gloss finish, and achieve peak protection.

With our third product, IceCap, you can achieve the same brilliance as would a Grind Hone and Polish floor specified for many box stores and warehouses. All with less labor, less downtime and less environmental impact.

Greenice Cure and Cap

Features and Benefits

  • Ease of finishing, eliminates false set
  • Reduces drag on the concrete, meets slip resistance standard
  • Reduces subsurface lateral microcracking
  • Remove cat faces
  • Extends workability in hot weather
  • Does not extend set times in cold weather
  • Allows finishing of dry shake as if it is normal concrete
  • Looks like a mechanically polished (PHP) floor
  • Better protection than found on mechanically finished floors
  • Opens new markets for flat-work contractors

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GreenIce Cure & Cap Product Reduction Chart
Cut your Products Specified
Green Umbrella 2
// Conventional Slab: 3-8
Concrete ProductGreenIce CureProduct to Specify
Products to Support Water CureNot RequiredOptional
Finishing AidYesIceStart & IceStop
Shake-On HardenerYes
Cure & SealYes
Liquid DensiferYes
LIiquid Hardener /Dust-prooferYes
Grind & Hone SurfaceYesIceStart & IceStop
Include Several AbrasivesPermant
Polished Concrete
Matte Appearance