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To ensure your solar lighting assets are working to optimum performance GFS has released its own Solar Activity Monitoring software and hardware solution called SAM.

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Solar Activity Monitoring - SAM

To ensure your solar lighting assets are working to optimum performance GFS has released its own Solar Activity Monitoring software and hardware solution called SAM. Sam will enable you to ensure the ultimate reliability of your solar lighting assets, report on its environmental saving at an individual or collective level.

Smart Lighting Management

Green Frog Solar lights are installed across Australia, ranging from city suburbs to some of the most remote locations in Australia. Our management solution enables clients to monitor their lighting assets from a central location or have Green Frog Systems monitor these assets on their behalf.

The GFS IOT Lighting platform gives users a command and control dashboard to Monitor and Control their distributed Solar lighting assets from a central management console. Based on the Australian instance of Amazon Web Services, the application provides a portal for registered users to log in to the system and view their GFS Solar lighting assets.


The system offers management on two key dimensions:

1. Project management allows monitoring of the network architecture, the lights connected to each gateway, and for deploying new updates and new configurations.

2. Maintenance management aggregates the faults on the network and displays the same so that actions can be initiated to address those faults. Faults logged into the system can be configured to

What can you monitor?
  1. Know the lights are working to deliver the programmed lighting requirements;
  2. Details of battery charge and discharge cycles as well as battery utilization;
  1. Details regarding the time(s) that the system was running;
  2. Details of the energy generation achieved from the Solar panel;
  3. Energy utilisation reports.
Why do we want to monitor the health of the system?
  1. Ensure the users of the system are being provided have working Solar lights;
  2. Ensure that the components of the system are in good working order;
  3. Determine maintenance requirements ahead of going onsite, ensuring the necessary parts and equipment are available;
  4. Maintain high efficiency and reduce maintenance services costs.
  5. Retain historical data for each light for reporting and analysis

Users may need to change various parameters of lights from a remote location to optimise the use of the lighting assets. The System allows users to select individual lights or a batch of lights, upload a new program or change a set of parameters as required.

What can we control?
  1. The lights can be switched ON/OFF;
  2. The light brightness can be increased or dimmed;
  3. Reprogram a light or series of lights;
  4. Trigger additional devices connected on outputs of the system.
Why Do we need to control?
  1. The ability to centrally manage lights distributed over large areas;
  2. Minimise field staff required to manage critical field issues;
  3. Emergency or special conditions where lights need to be brightened/dimmed or switched ON/OFF.
  4. Optimise efficiency and minimise operational costs

Extensive reports on System activity and performance can be generated through the portal for analysis of overall system health, event management, fault incidence and time to repair etc.

Network Architecture

The System is designed on a LoRaWAN network and uses a LoRaWAN gateway to communicate with the LoRaWAN Nodes that are connected to each smart light. The Gateway connects to the lights using a star network and typically across a range of approximately 2 kilometres in an urban environment (terrain will dictate the actual range of individual gateways). The Gateways operate on an M2M 3G/4G connectivity to connect back to the GFS-IOT Platform.

Enterprise Support

While users can monitor and manage their own lighting, customers can subscribe to management services delivered by Green Frog Systems.

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