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Maximize interior space while promoting safety with the use of our patented SPECTO® ball containment netting and mesh panels.

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Indoor Ball Containment Netting

Maximize interior space while promoting safety with the use of our patented SPECTO® ball containment netting and mesh panels.

When the Lauth Group, an Indiana development company, was looking for divider curtains for a new 75,000 square foot fieldhouse in Finch Creek, IN they found Grand Slam Safety had just what they were looking for.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop, so we'll assist you with everything from design right through to installation. We'll fully customize your new products to your liking, so you achieve your specific vision.

Benefits of Indoor Mesh Barriers & Netting

The demand is high for safety features that leave a minimal impact on the actual play of the sport in question. You'll receive that benefit and more with our custom netting, which can be adapted to fit a variety of scenarios.

Here are some of the biggest positives you can gain from ball containment netting and SPECTO® mesh:

  • Ball Containment: Indoor soccer is an excellent way to keep athletes in shape during the off-season, but it can be frustrating to see the ball kicked out of play and across the complex a few times per game. Our netting and mesh systems eliminate this problem by sealing off the sideline and keeping everyone, and everything, in a designated area. The mesh also keeps balls from crossing into areas where other sports might be taking place.

  • Injury Reduction: Athlete safety is at the forefront of our fencing designs. Our SPECTO® netting absorbs player impact with a cradling effect to minimize injuries. With our unique product, athletes can focus on making winning plays instead of worrying about colliding into the fence. The fencing systems can absorb a full body, full speed impact.

  • Spectator Protection: Stray balls and athletes present a possible danger to spectators who might not be paying constant attention. Our ball barrier netting and mesh will eliminate those dangers while still allowing for visibility. The systems are composed of see-through, vinyl-coated polyester mesh, so it doesn't significantly obstruct ground-level viewing. The recessed SPECTO® panels, with their tensioned bottom cable, allows spectators to get right next to the action on the court without the fear of being hit by a stray ball.

  • More Space to Play: Our SPECTO® products are adaptable, as you can squeeze out extra space with close clearances to building supports (up to 30 inches). Grand Slam Safety also can create customized goals, divider curtains, and walk draw netting curtains to utilize any space you have.

Where Can You Use Ball Containment Netting?

Our ball containment system is designed for indoor facilities, whether around courts or fields, in commercial or school venues, they are created for close clearance (up to 30" of building supports), allowing you to squeeze out extra playing space.

You can use them to surround or section off large spaces, accommodating all types of sports events. Combined with divider or netting curtains, your space becomes even more versatile. Hold multiple games or events at the same time, whether for a camp, tournament, or everyday gym class. The see-through mesh allows for spectators viewing or supervision of any event.

No matter what sport, you will increase efficiency without sacrificing safety or viewership.

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